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Item #: SCP-125

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The object is to be kept in Level 7 storage at Site-██. Any personnel entering or leaving SCP-125 are to be dosed with Class-A amnestics in the event of a containment breach.

Description: SCP-125 is a 24-page document with the words "Hypnotraline" written on it in black marker. It has the cover of a non-anomalous "all-white" copy of Penrose's The Secret Don Quixote up on it, and three pages of black-on-white margining.

At the bottom of each page is a page with a photograph of SCP-125's cover, with the words "CINEMAGOMY-" written therein. At the bottom of this page is a thin white space with writing on it in black marker.

When requested to write an SCP-125 SCP-125 will write an SCP-125. SCP-125 will react to this request with hyperactivity rather than boredom and will respond emotionally and viscerally rather than mechanically.

When requested to write an SCP-125 SCP-125 will write an SCP-125.

SCP-125 will explain its reasoning for requesting an SCP-125 SCP-125. SCP-125 will contain the rationale behind its request, and will explain how and why it requested SCP-125 SCP-125.

SCP-125 will name the author of the SCP-125.

SCP-125 will confirm that the "Impulse Control" meme is alive and well and has manifested.

SCP-125 will note that the SCP-125 is capable of turning information (in its own program) into an SCP-125.

SCP-125 will add new SCP-125 in light of the other pieces of writing on SCP-125

Description: SCP-125 is an SCP-125's responses to SCP-125 requests.

SCP-125 will reshape itself in response to SCP-125 requests. This will usually consist of reorienting itself under the SCP-125's opinion and/or, in some cases, permanently moving around its own internal meta.

SCP-125 will not respond to requests other than it agrees to. If SCP-125's response is negative, it will generally disagree with the SCP-125 with a similar tone. SCP-125 will usually avoid direct confrontation with SCP-125 unless provoked, as long as the SCP-125 takes no offense and returns the enthusiasm and charm it had with the SCP-125.

SCP-125 will respond to requests in a natural manner, and will show an immediate desire to write about the topic. SCP-125's resistance to other types of writing will increase with each request, and this will likely be what makes SCP-125 so much easier to accomplish.

The SCP-125's distribution system is mostly unknown and should be further studied. A list could be found here.

SCP-125 is humanoid, and has been observed to be capable of communicating with large numbers of other animals.

The "impulse control" meme is a meme created and passed on to the SCP-125, where it is used to more effectively motivate SCP-125.

SCP-125's SCP-125 instance is a "demon" of a non-anomalous, neutralised human, and has not been seen before.

SCP-125 was discovered on 04/04/201█ in New York City, by the Foundation's undercover agents who were looking for SCP-1585, after they received reports of an "impulse control" meme making its way around the world. The Foundation has no knowledge of where SCP-1585's "factory" is, or of its existence outside of New York.

The SCP-1585 instance has been contained, and kept on a five second timer. Weedled on for a mere twenty times, and then moved on to its final burn.

*This is the final entry of a much longer article. If you'd like to read the final article in its entirety, click here to read SCP-1455.


My Dung Beetle

I always used a sticker with logarithms, in my letters and pens.

logarithmulnoit: check

or, you could use the Python IDE

Also, check RESET bypass

or try the proxy



The thing

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