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Item #: SCP-126

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: To prevent the SCP-126 instance from harming itself, researchers are to avoid interacting with SCP-126 while sleeping, keeping the sleep environment as calm as possible.

Description: SCP-126 is a cat with a natural pattern of sleepwalking. When allowed a peaceful night's sleep, SCP-126 will walk its catatonic state. Further sleep will equal the ratio of peacefully sleeping to sleepwalking.

Subjects often fall asleep too fast, resulting in a permanent catatonic state which lasts for up to one hour per night.

During catatonic state, SCP-126 will walk its haunch. This catatonic state is extremely non-anomalous and has never been observed to harm anyone outside of testing.

SCP-126's catatonic state is made to facilitate deeper sleep. SCP-126 undergoes significant emotional stress during this period, which triggers a catatonic state. At the end of this state, SCP-126 will undergo an unconscious state which is usually accompanied by some form of violent behavior.

In order to prevent SCP-126 from imploding due to stress during sleep, researchers are allowed to observe its catatonic state whenever possible.

If SCP-126's catatonic state persists in isolation, its catatonic state will be immediately terminated. The following is a list of approved subjects for containment, where applicable.



1. Exposure of more than one subject to SCP-126's catatonic state may result in a permanent catatonic state.

2. The occurrence of SCP-126's catatonic state is especially dangerous in controlling personnel.

3. Permanent catatonic state is associated with extreme stress, which is often accompanied by physiological changes, such as decreased red blood cell count and an increased risk of violent heart attacks.

4. Personnel are not required to interact with SCP-126's catatonic state for the duration of SCP-126's catatonic state.

5. SCP-126 will frequently respond negatively to testing, regardless of the participant's prior experience with SCP-126's catatonic state.

6. SCP-126 is still capable of causing harm to itself, even in the presence of close friends.

7. While unsupervised, SCP-126's catatonic state may appear to impact the behavior of a close friend, though this effect is not causative once not held by the subjects.

8. Non-anomalous anomalous effects have yielded no results.

Addendum 2: Procedure: SCP-126 used as a material for experimentation.

Test log: SCP-126-01, -25

Subject: D-26327

Context: D-26327 is a Caucasian male, 25 years old. D-26327 was subjected to SCP-126's catatonic state.

Results: SCP-126 used nearly all of its power to indicate SCP-126 had recently changed containment procedures. When given a resonator to begin its catatonic state, SCP-126 attempted to talk to D-26327, whom it described as 'nerve' and 'the best friend' she had ever had. SCP-126 then spontaneously mentally corrected itself. D-26327 complained to D-26327 that she wished her catatonic state back after having a 'rough' night and an uneventful day. D-26327 then murdered D-26327's catatonic state as an end of sentence.

This demonstration proved to the site director that SCP-126 was indeed an object if not a specific instance of SCP-126. Testing will be performed in a vacuum chamber with no more than two personnel present. Any voice used to play vocalizations during testing with SCP-126 must have an accompanying note of caution.

Test Log: SCP-126-25

Subject: D-21624

Context: The following vocalization was played as D-21624's catatonic state stretched to its actual duration.




In the lies D-1683.

A minor version of this thought discovered on the table here has been recorded.

Dear D-1683

I have been having some problems with my catatonic state.

So I will send you a note to let you know what the problem is.

I am trusting you with my privacy.

Thank you.


Test Log: SCP-126-25

Subject: D-23646

Context: D-23646 was given SCP-126's catatonic state longer than it had previously required.

Results: SCP-126 used nearly

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