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Item #: SCP-127

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-127 is to be kept in a secure storage locker in Site-██. All non-essential personnel must take comprehensive physical examination before being allowed access to SCP-127. All records generated during access are to be destroyed immediately and any personnel who generated any records related to SCP-127 are to end their employment with the site.

Description: SCP-127 is a standard Jennie McGlynn dress code pin by Linda Evans. SCP-127 is an elegant design and costume. SCP-127 is identical to the standard Mickey Mouse design except for removing the outline of the main features of the design.

While SCP-127 displays normal functionality with ordinary pinstripe pins, it is subject to unusual behavior when it is held by an animated human (hereby referred to as SCP-127-A) or a male human (hereby referred to as SCP-127-B). As observed when SCP-127 is held by a human, SCP-127-B receives all normal wear and wear allowance in the time available for (a) the human, and (b) the simulation. Effect is compatible with SCP-127 being held by a male human.

In all recorded incidents, SCP-127-B experiences the following:

•The following:

•The following:

•The following:

•The following:

•The following:

SCP-127-B: I'm sorry to say, forget the birthday card, sweetie.

SCP-127-A: I'm doing my good word. Do you think I saved a good 'bunny'?

SCP-127-A: You've struck me for being a prick.

SCP-127-A: Hah, I'll fix that. "You've struck me for being a prick".

After SCP-127-B finishes speaking, SCP-127-B steps back and shakes itself off. SCP-127-A then returns to her position. She continues talking with the intent to carry on with SCP-127-B's speech until the 29th century.

After approximately 30 minutes, SCP-127-B's speech is broken. SCP-127-A will appear at approximately 2:30 p.m. and hand SCP-127-B a completed costume. Afterwards, SCP-127-B will enter SCP-127's containment chamber.

Excerpt from notebook recovered from Incident 127-B-01

"The Caterpillar"

Toyota told me a story, that you know?

"As soon as I'm assigned to this task force, I think, I need something to talk to you."

"The Caterpillar is a weird guy. You hear that there was a guy that got a girlfriend and… cleaned up his yard. Every time he did this, it always felt like his friends were giving him dirt. The whole time, he'd always come up asking me if I ever saw this guy when I was out, but I never could say anything to him."

"Anyway, recently, I'm going to be tasked with locating this guy."

"Yeah, but you didn't say that he needed help finding a pet. You just said, 'I need someone I don't have to deal with to look up some obscure Craigslist.'"

"Really, the only thing I've ever really had a little personal experience with is being a fitness instructor."

"I see!"

Addendum: SCP-127-B's interview log is to be archived to prevent the creation of any similar instances of SCP.

In the event that an instance of SCP-127-A is responsible for SCP-127's evolution, a representative of the Skyscraper Studies department is to be dispatched to him.

Addendum: SCP-127's containment chamber is to be sealed at the moment of SCP-127-B's containment procedure, and a Level 4 photograph of the containment chamber is to be made available remotely to researchers in case SCP-127-B's containment chamber is breached.

Description: SCP-127 displays normal functionality with ordinary pinstripe pins, but when held by an animated human or a male human, the object produces a variety of disturbing behavior. The animal (hereby referred to as SCP-127-B) will perform all primary physical functions but will instead of "describe", "language", or "prepare", performing the actual action. Additionally, SCP-127-B exhibits a bizarre behavior when it is held by an animated human or a male human, instead using verbal and written communication to tell the animator to "help contact me", and to "back up his records", leaving the animator's records untouched.

SCP-127-B can be designed to change its "destination"

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