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Item #: SCP-129

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-129 is contained at Site-18 lab with standard security measures in place, and a standard obstacle course of 20m are to be kept on the outside of SCP-129's containment cell. Areas 20m and under are to be gated with no less than 24m of security fencing, with guards to be stationed on the outside area. SCP-129 is to be fitted periodically with anti-anomalous materials as necessary. The walls of SCP-129's containment cell are to be reinforced with reinforced concrete masonry.

D-class personnel with Level 3/129 clearance or higher must be removed from SCP-129 before personnel with lower clearance may access SCP-129. D-class personnel with lower clearance must be removed once new D-class personnel arrive for testing.

Description: SCP-129 is a human male of indeterminate age, consistent with a teenager or adolescent, standing at approximately 30cm. Subject has no facial features. Subject's skin tone is white and ruddy, and its dusky-green eyes appear to be a height of approximately 25cm. Subject appears to be in a state of maturation, with growth occuring slowly around the periphery of the eyes.

Subject's hair is dark reddish-black, and consists of thin, white strands attached to its scalp, and is styled with lighter brown strands. Subject's skin appears to be thicker than in normal subjects of this age. Subject acts as though it does not speak, and only plays music to itself. Subject appears to have no experience with music, and does not know what music is. Subject speaks the language fluently, and occasionally sings along more than once, but has shown no knowledge of synth, guitar, or any other musical instruments.

Subject's face is resembling a human's, but with multicolored blemishes. Subject's eyes appear to have been dyed with black pigments.

SCP-129, previously a consensus of 20 years, has recovered. Physical and psychological examination has revealed no anomalous properties, and the subject has been placed into Foundation custody.

Personnel may access SCP-129 by requiring Level 3/129 clearance (or higher) or higher. Personnel holding higher clearance are allowed to access SCP-129 via an external access point.

Contact: Researcher ████

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