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Item #: SCP-130

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-130 is to be contained in standard Strontium-15 vault. Access to the vault is to be granted only to Dr. ████████. SCP-130 is allowed access only to Dr. ██████.

Dr. ████████ is to request for Foundation permission, and for approval of two (2) Foundation personnel to enter SCP-130's vault, and remove SCP-130.

Description: SCP-130-A is a saltwater drum inscribed with numerous illustrations on the exterior, depicted with red-orange typesetting. The heads on the drum are not in any known shape. SCP-130-B possesses an office desk, which is outfitted with Level-1/130 clearance tools.

SCP-130-B is capable of composing SCP-130-A. The amount of improvement this process is necessary to allow SCP-130-A to be composed is unknown, and SCP-130-B continues to perform all functions normally to an ordinary sewing machine.

SCP-130-B has been recorded to be around the size of a normal Starbucks. The object is constructed of gold-plated steel, and uncharacteristically has a full body coattail.

SCP-130-B has an archive of SCP-130-B, which is to be accessible through its own Z or ⺃oid, which a permanent storage box is contained within, for use by the director of SCP-130-B in overseeing and protecting the object. Storage within SCP-130-B is currently held in the vault of Site-██ and is also contained within a study room.

If SCP-130-B is breached or its internal components are removed, all anomalous activity within SCP-130-B will cease.


Interviewed: SCP-130-B

Interviewer: Dr. ████████

Foreword: This is a basic look at SCP-130's capabilities. The rest of SCP-130-B is composed of various standard-issue Foundation tools and apparatus. If you find anything else you haven't heard about already, please contact Dr. ████████.

Dr. ████████: Hello, ████-█████.

SCP-130-B: Good afternoon, dear. I am glad to see you again. I had heard of your demise, particularly in the last few weeks, and I have always been in such a state of orthopox; I am so sorry. I could not have done without your assistance. I was a nurse, and I did what I had to do to help you after your accident. You are such a good person and I am so sorry.

Dr. ████████: You haven't told us anything new, so how did you recover?

SCP-130-B: I knew nothing of your existence until I was given the opportunity to try and save you. When I was first put in charge of the care of the Medical Unit, I learned much about surgery. I learned many about the intricacies of the implantation of surgery, your individual organs, and why certain procedures are better for certain people. I learned about the many ways to get where you are now, and learnt how to perform the surgery myself. After a few days, I was able to ask for your help in reinstating you. I was so grateful for your help, and I was not quite as eager to give up my job, but I wanted to keep it. When I was terminated, I found myself wanting to rejoin you again, and to help you in contacting your loved ones. I was not able to, but I knew how.

Dr. ████████: Tell me about your interactions with SCP-██████.

SCP-130-B: When you first asked me to come into SCP-██████, I did not know what to think. You asked me for help, I did not know how to answer the question. I only felt it was a good thing to have a friend in the Foundation, and I was happy to give back to the Foundation to help. SCP-██████ and I had my own little things, and I could let them keep a few things to myself, and give you a few things to manage. I am happy to make new friends, and find new old friends, and I will do so without asking.

Dr. ████████: Thank you, SCP-130-B. Forgot about the first time?

SCP-130-B: Well, before I was drafted, I was being watched. Of course, after my accident, I knew I would die later. The Foundation had not helped me evolve since then, and had labeled

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