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Item #: SCP-131

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-131 is to be kept in a 4x4 meter safe. All SCP-131 is to be stored in a standard containment locker, and is not to be moved except under a non-anomalous lock. SCP-131 is to be stored at Site-25, with a minimum of three personnel. The proper Foundation personnel is to monitor SCP-131 for anomalies relating to items in possession of personnel. Behavior such as gross underhandedness or unprofessionalism, charges of self-mutilation or abuse of authority, and destructive impulse seem to apply to SCP-131.

Description: SCP-131 is a digital image of an unknown object which is currently in possession of the Foundation. The image has no anomalous properties. No record of SCP-131 has been found, nor any information to prove or refute its existence.

The biography of the object has been altered to describe it as a "digital art installation", rather than as a digital facial recognition computer.

SCP-131 was discovered after the discovery of a garbage disposal at a high school in ████████ ended up with a digital sculpture of SCP-131. A letter sent dropped by the garbage woman was found inside the letter, written in what seems to have been Spanish and English. The letter was recovered after no less than four months of a thorough search of SCP-131.

The letter was discovered to have been written by someone named "Veronica, " and her current email address has been spiked via a Virus of unknown origin. The letter is explained below.

This leaves one (2) other option open:


I am glad to see both of you. Mark your calendars, everything is happening to keep you busy for a while. And yes, this means work. My wife Joanna is currently on leave. To keep her busy, I must first find out more about my new business. That's where you come in. I know this has been a long conversation for you so I'll try not to bore you. Yesterday I had your contact information in order. It's not necessary. You can contact me directly.

I'll commit to a minimum of 30 days of communicating with you according to my own schedule. I must reach out to you. As soon as possible.



But that means I have to send you like an old-fashioned letter. By the way, Joanna is my wife. She's my business partner and I've been looking forward to talking with you for a while. She's also my employer and if she were here, she would know my new employees.

How can I get more information about my new business? I had a couple weeks to establish some kind of relationship with my old employee and ask whether she even considered me as a client. I finally submitted one of my last responses yesterday and she said she did, and that she was absolutely happy about it. She didn't mention for how long she had and the amount of time they had but she seemed very happy with the outcome.

I'll have to get that established with you. I am currently and always have been attached to a job at the Site. Worked long hours here, and worked hard on my portfolio for the last decade. I have the same contact information. And I don't actually have a portfolio right now.

I'll be back with more information about my new business in a few weeks, but I was also told that there was likely to be a time I need to always be on call.

It'll take another week or two to get that done, probably, but I may find out more about my new business next week. But for now, I recommend working hard on my portfolio for as long as necessary.

Over the past few weeks, I've switched from a 3400 word tracing document to a 507 word elevator pitches document. I think that's a good compromise between short writing and long writing. So I've been organizing all of the elevator pitches and A4 templates to stand on top of each other, and to help me make my pitching style the most consistent yet. In the meantime, I've been writing elevator pitches as short as 7 minutes, and as long as 33 minutes, and that's only to get them out of the way.

I've also, of course, tried to keep the elevator pitches short. Prior to last week, I had a slide this one that I would get stuck on, and that would require a lot of groveling. I didn't think much of it and took it slowly because I figured writing this was a good way to get better at writing ideas. This week I've decided to cut the slides from longer A4 templates. This will help me keep the slides tidy when I post them.

I did have a big surprise for

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