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Item #: SCP-132

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-132.1 is contained in a standard containment vault at Site 19. SCP-132.1 is to be fed a standard human of European origin every three days. Immediately after or while SCP-132.1 is fed, SCP-132.1 is to be armed with a standard testing chamber armed with a stun-gun and a standard animal (A. vervetine) for testing purposes. When testing is currently in progress, personnel are to be on-call at all times.

In the event of a containment breach, the containment vault the SCP-132.1-2 instance is contained in is to be evacuated and closed until any necessary safeguards can be established. At that point, the SCP-132.1-2 instance is to be given a Class-B Amnestics pill by a doctor trained in medical ethics. In the event a containment breach occurs, the instance is to be terminated.

Description: SCP-132.1 is a male human of European origin, age 34, and is white-haired, brown-skinned. SCP-132.1 has the appearance of an average human of European ancestry with the occasional feature noticeable differences from either this or that. SCP-132.1's physical characteristics are consistent across all physical examinations. No other physical, medical, or psychological characteristics have been observed. SCP-132.1 was discovered in Site 19 following the death of a student, following the events of the previous day. SCP-132.1's relatives placed him under Foundation observation for the purposes of testing SCP-132.1's abilities.

SCP-132.1 and SCP-132.2 are psychologically distinct from the rest of human population, which is generally classified as being 'Einstein', and are located in different locations on Earth. Without directly observed exceptions, living instances of SCP-132.1 will not keep any additional information about SCP-132.1 apart from the initial results of the tests involving it, or the name of SCP-132.2, or the names of any other human subjects affected by SCP-132.2. In the case of SCP-132.2, the body of SCP-132.1 will have all known physical and psychological effects temporarily stripped away as it undergoes a phase of reorientation; once the body is totally reoriented it will teleport itself to its original location and smelt the same: once such a reorientation occurs, SCP-132.2 will disappear at the same time as SCP-132.1, granting the illusion of reorientation. Any attempts to use SCP-132.2 to reorient SCP-132.1 will be immediately rebuffed, with SCP-132.1 effectively retaining its prior consciousness.

SCP-132.1 and SCP-132.2 are not anomalous, and by its own admission is 'informative', despite its lack of any anomalous properties. Any information about SCP-132.1, SCP-132.2, or the SCP-132.2 instance involved is accurate and needs to be respected; however, ■> SCP-132 currently does not have sufficient information to act as a means of 'guiding' SCP-132.2's actions as opposed to commanding it in the long-term.


Description: The SCP Foundation is a large-scale American organization, capable of conducting geographic and temporal displacement of human populations. SCP-130 is an example of this.

SCP-130 is a multilingual oceanographic instrument which contains multiple theories on how human populations were displaced. It also has a component for monitoring and controlling the weather originating from multiple places on Earth, called the Meteorological Monitoring Instrumentation (MMIF). It comprises two components: the IMU, which stores information and coordinates in a database and collects data on global weather patterns; and the Nature-Seeking Extranet, which allows users to bypass censorship via the use of multiple simultaneous Internet connections, a method which was discovered and discovered to be effective through the use of a glitch in the underlying OS.

The anomalous effects of SCP-130 are the result of a metaphorical shift occurring in the minds of human populations. In the first place, human minds can no longer perceive the concept of the imperialist power Siberia. Even a cursory glance of the map of SCP-130 shows that nearly the entire population of ████████████—the first living civilization in the globetrotting region—is a mere year old. [1] Whereas the largest cities are nine times larger than the third-largest, a city of the size of ████████████ itself has never before existed. Even the Soviet Union was a small country of only forty-six million people, barely the size of a small city at that time. But in terms of geography, the Arctic is a giant, and even larger. As

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