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Item #: SCP-135

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-135 is to be kept in a secure archive at Site ██. Experimental testing is to be approved only by the Site Director of Procedure. As of ██/██/19██, access to SCP-135 will be limited to researchers with Level 5 or higher security clearance and authorisation of immediate termination.

Testing is to take place in private under the supervision of a researcher designated SCP-135 until 9/12/19██. Once access to this testing chamber has been granted, a liaison agent will meet with the O5 Council to discuss the ongoing containment procedures.

Description: SCP-135-1 is a 1-click executable link that places a link to SCP-████. Following the clicked link, one must click the link once. Following the clicked link will no longer allow access to SCP-████.

All subsequent instances of SCP-████ placed in a visible location that is accessible via SCP-135 will add a new SCP-████, which in turn will add an instance of SCP-████. Duplicates of SCP-████ are now not directly accessible by SCP-135.

Instances of SCP-████ are to have no obvious anomalous properties at this time.

Instances of SCP-████ were discovered in the personal will of Dr. ██████████, who died after a stroke. Prior to his death his will was stored on numerous personal computers connected to a printer.

SCP-████ was discovered during a raid on ████████, a ████████████ ██████.

"The whole thing was about the ████████████ section, and how they decided to buy the company instead of the anomalous ones and how they figured out how to build a robotic replacement for various mental health crisis treatment centers the Foundation set up last year. It also talked about the robbery site security tape. That was the top of my list."

"I learned everything I could about the device conundrum… I became a Foundation researcher in the wake of the data breach…"

"I learned that the Foundation was mysteriously able to find all of the Foundation's data by using spatial anomaly. The one-click-program was my first major break with the Foundation, then my next major break after heading off-site on my own."

"I learned that the ████████ ██████ also worked with the ███████ corporation. I made an appointment with them the night before he died and they sent me a gift, too. Frankly, I would have quit if I knew."

"I learned the Foundation was concerned about me, so they examined my background. It showed that I had never had a job before, but I had for some reason. The Foundation sent a terse message to my parents explaining that I was taking years off in order to find a job. I also learned that my parents had a daughter."

"The rate at which I was prepared for my shifts was incredibly slow. I'd study data the first five minutes, then make a note of everything I did wrong and then try to come up with a solution. The biggest mistake I made was 8.0, which was put onto the computer because I wanted to see if it would understand when I questioned it."

"The economy was slow, and it all had to do with a hidden mind. With 10 years of experience under my belt, I had a brilliant mind, and it was on the side of my desk to use. It took me a close ten minutes to make sure I couldn't give any clue but that my mind had a subconscious mind to it. It wasn't long before I started studying every single conflict item the Foundation came up with to find the most damaging. As crazy as it sounds, I even made a special document for every page is unreadable. I loved the class-B amnestics, and I loved the Class-D singularity anomaly. I'm proud as hell that I've learned so much."

"I found out that I was granted memetic resistance literally overnight. I was almost in a panic, but it was my mistake. I'd been out of the military for the longest part of my life, and it was just how I always knew what I had to do. I got caught up and went blind in four seconds flat. I knew I was gonna get attacked on sight, but I hadn't been in a paranoid state before, and now that I knew what I was about to do, I could just blast away anyway."

"I learned the Foundation was on the ground in ████████, and they had two agents on the ground in Manhattan. As soon as I knew I was moving to the area, it was my job to get a helicopter under way."

"The whole project involved the basic agenda of the Foundation, but I got all of the details right from Day

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