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Item #: SCP-136

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-136 is to be kept in standard containment cell at Site ██. Under no circumstances is any personnel allowed to view or access SCP-136. Due to the nature of SCP-136's anomalous properties, protective measures are to be instituted in the event of containment breach, and all Foundation-provided toys are to be unloaded and incinerated. SCP-136 is to be kept wrapped individually to prevent accidental exposure.

Description: SCP-136 is a miniature pink leotard identical to standard adult leotards made of smooth rounded rubber, designed and manufactured in 20██. SCP-136 bears no observable cosmetic weaknesses, other than the removal of affected areas. SCP-136's anomalous properties manifest once the leotard is worn by a person, who then experiences a violent existential crisis, lasting up to three days. Shortly after the crisis ends, the individual will begin to randomly decide which parts of his or her body to leave.

Person experiencing this crisis will display a number of dementia-like symptoms. Once they've resigned themselves, a mental system comprising their subconscious, brain, and nervous system will be assigned to their name and body. The self-aware system will begin to artificially update the physical and mental structure of this body, even after the individual's death. The self-aware system will implode, creating a new body.

When an individual's body is activated, said body will have a number of anomalous abilities:

•It can also shift gender, although this is not always the case

•It can interfere with a person's ability to logically analyze his or her surroundings

•It can reduce brain tissue by forcing them to see the surface of their body in bright color decals

•It can move the face of a person into an anatomically or genetically different body

•It can induce seizures

•It can cause basic intellectual abilities (such as handwriting, spelling, and math skills) to return with the individual, but the ability will be at least partially overridden

•It can control the physical appearance of biological individuals

•It can show distress at imperfection

•It can be able to beat the person in a game of Monopoly.

The anomalous abilities above are not necessarily essential for use as instances of SCP-136, but are merely convenient tools. While the routine of Foundation containment procedures for anomalous anomalies requires a level of skill and luck to accomplish, SCP-136, as I've described, is very simple, so long as it can be used in the safe manner it was created with.

SCP-136 can be used to further strengthen a person's inner beliefs. With a negative mindset can cause a person to feel helpless and unable to take action to change their own behavior, which can have tremendous positive effects. For example, one such example involves an insect infestation that was discovered in a small farm in ██ ████████.

Addendum: SCP-136 was recovered from a local go-go-go group owned and operated by Dr. █████ ██████████. When Agent ███████ was asked to make a dangerous prank, she chose to make an instance of SCP-136. At the time of writing, SCP-136 is the second-most-successful prank of the 10-year history of the go-go group, and ranks at the top of the ranking.

Addendum: Despite the success of SCP-136, I have learned that SCP-136's anomalous properties do not require any special action. The app itself, however, will retain the anomalous properties whenever a person uses it to gain access to a certain page of literature. This opens the possibility of a Class-C Tier-3 scenario involving an SCP-███-level subject being attacked by a Selective Individual.

In the event of an escalation of SCP-136's anomalous properties, the go-go team will attempt to enable a containment breach through enforced quarantines. In the event of the subject's re-supply, a depopulated site for their experimentation, and deputized personnel. In the event of a containment breach, a Foundation-sanctioned process will be used to quarantine all instances of SCP-136.

Incident Report 136-IRB-1

On ██/██/20██, an instance of SCP-136 was discovered in Library ██, in the library of a local private library. Upon being retrieved by Foundation personnel, it was revealed that the library-bound instance was VHS tapes. After extensive searching of the internet, Foundation agents found that the instances of SCP-136 appeared to be in possession of the same producer as SCP-136.

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