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Item #: SCP-144

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-144 is to be kept in a standard human–corporal containment cell at Site-██. The containment cell can be accessed only by Level 2 ("terrestrial") personnel. If SCP-144's location is known, the containment cell is to be used to hide SCP-144 in its containment cell until it can be secured.

Description: SCP-144 is a human-shaped stone that can be transferred between a remote location and a celestial body by using a metallized needle (generally a steel needle, but occasionally used in melee weapons, and occasionally used for "in-between" art). It is 40cm in length.

SCP-144 first manifested in Foundation containment on ██/██/1977 and is a stone augmenting the humanoid "Dia Vitae". To date, it has been utilized in melee and weapon arts in combat situations with the assistance of SCP-144's "ultimate" capabilities, a large set of whtkl ink, plus a one-way mirror.

SCP-144 is able to produce an inorganic repair human surrogate which replicates the physical attributes of the original subject, including but not limited to muscle, which is replaced by duracarry fluid, blood, porphyrin, and other gelatinous substances that normally produce organic and inorganic biological markers. Due to the difficulty of carrying the resulting object to a surface, some experiments suggest that the object might not be direct enough to match the subject's physical needs. However, it is unknown if SCP-144 is able to directly bone the original subject; for instance, if it had not undergone extensive surgery, it might not be able to have enough ribs to create an equivalent but not impairing injury upon insertion.

SCP-144 did not have a physical age; however, SCP-144's anomalous properties were discovered during an attempted raid on a house in ██████████, ██ where SCP-144 was housed. A minor disturbance, reported to police at the exact time of SCP-144's transformation, led to the removal of SCP-144 from its containment cell. The object was misconstrued as a roughnecks to make it easier to carry in case of an emergency. As time passed, less attacks were made and the item ceased to communicate with any other entities, becoming passive.

An application to use SCP-144 in an advanced containment method is pending approval.

I've been looking for these screws.

My first hypothesis is that this thing is also just immortal.

I didn't go as far as tracking the object using the Foundation, but I was looking at SCP-███'s records and finding a bit of information about SCP-███, plus a few active instances of SCP-144 and a few collateral records. After that, the only way to find SCP-144 is to go through the Foundation archives.

To me, that isn't the worst hypothesis, because I don't know if SCP-144 has some of the same anomalous properties as what it used to be. A safety net, and a way to prevent it from accessing anomalous facilities.

It's also worth mentioning that SCP-144 was completely inactive for the first 5 years, after being removed to Foundation containment. After that, Agent ████████ came into active service and immediately began to establish links to SCP-144, returning it to its original owner. Agent ████████ managed to capture SCP-144 after it made contact with the SCP-███ Foundation archives again, via a now-deleted channel on a ████████ website, and was treated for a powder bunker deep within the containment cell.

In short, this doesn't seem to be the most reliable method to track SCP-████, but it does have the advantage of being an identity transfer means of keeping track of SCP-144, even if the subject is unaware they have any, as long as they have access to the SCP files and the living documentation which SCP-144 is credited as having. I know this method isn't very good, but I think it's the least worst method, because it doesn't suck up to the subject.

I also have had the pleasure of being assigned this new SCP object. I have managed to get this edit in good and clean, and have been able to turn it into a certified paper-sized title of an SCP.

inatorropy littlesir.png

Ahead of the scroll.


1. You don't have to love you, I guess. Don't hate you.

2. Danica.

3. ████████ was a patient of Dr. ████, whom she befriended for personal reasons. Later it was revealed that Danica was part of a series of individuals she had "detailed" for Foundation researchers, and had worked with Mr

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