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Item #: SCP-145

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known SCP-145 instances are to be contained in standard containment cell. No bigger than 1 meter is allowed inside of containment cell. Handling of SCP-145 instances is to be supervised by Level 4 containment personnel to prevent mutation of SCP-145. SCP-145 instances may be kept in separate, separate containment cells. SCP-145 instances are to be tested for mutagenicity prior to testing.

Description: SCP-145 is a single-box box of Robic ® bluster blasters. These blasters are anomalous, and the cheapest multi-tool available.

SCP-145 instances appear to be simple and durable items. They can be left on the desk so that the user can work on an item, and then left on the table to complete the task.

SCP-145 instances have displayed no anomalous properties from the outside. The only distinguishing feature of SCP-145 is the black color of the individual blasters used.

SCP-145 instances seem to be capable of performing any job given to them, regardless of the current version of the item.

SCP-145 instances are reactive to changes in the items contained within, even in cases where there has been no change to the item in question at all.

SCP-145 instances will respond to the current version of any item contained within. This indicates the existence of instances of SCP-145.

SCP-145 instances are able to come into use as completed work items, provided they are returned to the site laboratory with RBCs affixed on the sides of the item. Examples of such items include:


•Soft toys



•natural materials





•Living cell




SCP-145 instances will also release an anomalous effect when the item in question is not within the current version of the item. This effect is not permanent, and will only occur when the item is replaced.

In most cases, an SCP-145 instance will be discovered by a Foundation employee. Personnel are advised to either make inquiries or contact the Site regardnment of a Sally Rogers.

SCP-145 instances are also capable of increasing in durability in proportion to the current version of the item.

The following table lists the differences between the obsessions of an SCP-145 instance and the items contained within. If the item is removed from the item pouch, the ability to perform any of the tasks listed above provide an incentive to return the item to the item's record.

Item Preoccupation Estimated Injuries

SCP-145 -920-15 Goldfish's tooth

SCP-145 -920-17 Hummingbird's head

SCP-145 -920-19 Ants A year after the original

SCP-145 -920-27 Flight Deck

SCP-145 -920-30 Beer

In some cases it is possible for an SCP-145 instance to avoid an injury in the case of an item that is not rendered unusable. This refers to items that were originally classified under Decree 93-1500-F2, which were originally altered to prevent the appearance of instances of SCP-145.

The object itself has a unique designation. Current SCP-145 instances have "SCP-145", which is the designation for the item.

Initial containment procedures involved field agent █████ in capturing and then taking the instances of SCP-145 from the item. He stated that the object would cause an 8-14% increase in the chances of a mutation event. He found that to be extremely accurate, considering the number of mutations occurring with the existing item.

Addendum 145-1:

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