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Item #: SCP-146

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All specimens of SCP-146 are to be stored in Species-A humanoid containment cell at Site-██. Under no circumstances are SCP-146 to be brought into a bird enclosure, and all specimens are to be kept in a well-maintained habitat. All specimens are to be fed only once per day, and are to be released at their eating time every three hours. All humanoids being contained are not to be allowed any interaction with SCP-146.

After testing, the psychological profile of SCP-146 is currently under review. If found to be anomalous, and more precise information about these properties seems to be more sufficient evidence to put SCP-146 on the radar, their containment team will take that type of report to O5-█.

Description: SCP-146 is a 5-year-old white chihuahuan, named "Lasso-Teeth" by her mother. Her mother has also claimed "Blast", her favorite pet. SCP-146's soil fed to SCP-146 must be taken into account for the production of damage. When leaving SCP-146's containment cell, all soil in the containment cell and the Band-A1 zone must be removed at once.

Certain parts of SCP-146's biological makeup do not appear to be unique; they are identical to any other chihuahuan, except that is has a gray-white aura, and any species of chihuahua will grow to the size of a standard member of the Mustela-Geki-Foleti (C. peliosus) family. These findings are consistent with its ancestry; all non-anomalous members of the mustela-geki-foleti (C. peliosus) family are genetically misaligned to the dominant mustela-geki-foleti (C. peliosus) family.

SCP-146 does not appear to have been bred for humans; multiple inferences have been confirmed to be based upon animal interactions. Outside of its offspring's selection, SCP-146 appears to be a highly docile chihuahua, and if necessary will remain so. However, it is currently being monitored for alterations that could affect the other chromosomes and genetic makeup of its offspring's parent's chihuahua and white-feline offspring.

After it was found that SCP-146 was responsible for the destruction of the Upper Potomac River by a lone wildling, it has been reported that the last recorded years of SCP-146's life will be spent in a pen in the Whiteclaw Mountain Range. These plans have been altered in accordance with the above analysis, in that SCP-146 will spend the rest of its life as a solitary cub, and will not be raised by humans.

If any attempts at mating with SCP-146 with red-feline offspring (C. peliosus), black-tongued offspring (C. peliosus), or a sweet-toothed offspring (C. peliosus) are successful, SCP-146 will become an active breed of humanoid. This will be accomplished via the use of artificial insemination, resulting in the creation of an offspring with an identical genetic makeup to the SCP-146.

The purpose of the SCP-146 breeding program is unknown. Research into the genetic makeup of SCP-146 is ongoing.

"Sophia's Pitchers"

Warning: Be warned - this one is only for Dr. Awesome and his dumb niche.


SCP-113 so far has been the primary containment-class anomaly for SCP-131, and has served as the main avenue of containment of the test organism. As long as SCP-131's DNA matches the genome of a human in the other test organism, it has been considered a success.

As of the Foundation's first containment breach incident in 1967, SCP-113's primary ability was to adapt. By applying its skeleton mimetic abilities to SCP-137's blood-based cells of the head, SCP-113's structure gave blood into the individual's veins while contracting the blood into the skull. As a result, SCP-113 was able to produce a small amount of acid, to help dull the effect of SCP-137's venom. Despite its exclusive use of red-feline blood, it was regenerated with white-feline blood, and the head's level of blood-related functionality was able to be kept at the current sample's same concentration.

This allowed SCP-113 to easily be removed from a mammalian host, which could make it ideal for use in trying to remove the effects of SCP-███'s venom. As missions and containment expanded, the protocol of SCP-113's containment procedures evolved in line with the new SCP-113 containment procedures.

SCP-113 has

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