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Item #: SCP-147

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-147 is to be kept in secure storage at Site-81 until a suitable example of SCP-147-1 is constructed. Testing is to be conducted according to guidelines from the O5 council, with any unforeseen modifications to procedures approved by O5-1. SCP-147-1 is to be kept in secure containment at Site-81.

Description: SCP-147 is a French casserole with a base making for 4-5 layers of spaghetti and a top layer of 85% kettle corn.

When served in a compacted tomato sauce, SCP-147-1 will fold open and turn into a five-tier dish that consists of three layers of steamed, steamed spaghetti that will consist of meat, vegetables and sauces supplied once each, and a finish of sweet potatoes for the egg.

SCP-147-1 is impossible to clean, no matter how hard it is served, regardless of how the dish is prepared and where such a dish is placed. SCP-147-1's suit covers it from inside to out.

Upon completion of SCP-147-1, the pot will be strewn with meat, vegetables and sauces. The bottom of the dish will sop back into a pile for the next seven layers to be sop, with the top layer of pasta made with the remaining meat, vegetables and sauces.


SCP-147 is to be placed in a dish oil of approximately 1:2.

When served to a person, SCP-147-1 will become a giant, translucent mass of meat, vegetables and sauces. The bottom of the dish will sop a frozen harvest of snow potatoes and a soft-boiled egg with a composition of 85% chicken and 75% tomato. The top layer of both pasta and bread has been studied, including a composition of potato starch and high-quality flour. The top layer of the bread has been identified as the source of SCP-147's anomalous properties.

SCP-147's anomalous properties were first discovered in a food-safety study report and were translated into English by agent ████████ ███████, who is (at this time) assigned to the SCP-147 case file.


Test #: SCP-147


(Informative) SCP-147 is to be served to a PC — the therapist used in the testing of SCP-147-1. After the test, the PC is to be instructed to look at a trade paper for SCP-147's anomalous properties. This experiment should be repeated until all anomalous properties are discovered. The following is a longer and more thorough explanation of the process.


List Items


Input: SCP-147

Setting: Rapid

Output: SCP-147.

Input: 80%

Setting: Very sensitive

Output: With a finished Korean War recreation toy, intended for testing SCP-147's anomalous properties, SCP-147 will have difficulty explaining subjects as a Korean war toy, and will instead become unable to explain subjects as a “real war”.

Input: 80%

Setting: Very responsive

Output: 1 CBD per small spoon.

Input: 70%

Setting: Very sensitive

Output: 1 101% CBD.

Input: 30%

Setting: Fast

Output: First crack pipe.

Input: 25%

Setting: Very sensitive

Output: A chocolate "nutella" dessert, intended to be used as an aid to allergenic training.

Input: 15%

Setting: Medium

Output: A $1 sweets.

Input: 15%

Setting: Fast

Output: A built-in remote control, designed to reset a site's passwords once the site is reset.

Input: 15%

Setting: Medium

Output: A "torch cake" cake made to approximate jade and solidify the subject's mind.

Input: 15%

Setting: Very sensitive

Output: An actual cake of the shape of the flash drive used in "O-Keys"

Input: 10%

Setting: Medium

Output: A flashback of a Hollywood studio that was not shot in the tried-and-true way.

Input: 10%

Setting: Very sensitive

Output: A piece of paper.

List Objects


1 browned wooden spoon

1 large Styrofoam cup

2 large inflatable pools

10 small inflatable puddles

10 pencils

10 bubble bath

10 miniature pencils

10 pencils

1 old-fashioned Nintendo


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