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Item #: SCP-151

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-151-A is to be kept in Site-███ lockdown and supervised by no less than three (3) Level 2 personnel and one (1) D-class subject. Following the site-wide closure of SCP-███, SCP-151-A will be stored in a Faraday cage at a nominal charge of one hundred (1000) lumens.

Description: SCP-151-A is an item of unknown appearance belonging to SCP-███, an item of anomalous properties distributed to the ████ doors of ██████ ████████, a commonly-occurring building located in ██████, ██████ State, USA.

SCP-151-A is amalgamated lava, an unknown pale yellow substance. In the middle of containment module SCP-███, on the screen, is a topographical map of the ██████ region, with no sign of the organization or the entrance to SCP-███. A slip of paper hidden in the center of SCP-151-A, accompanied by an image of the ██████ region, is visible inside the topographical map.

SCP-151-A's anomalous properties manifest when any door, whether open or locked, is opened by a human male of European-American descent aged between 40 and 50. The following process is observed to occur following this action:

•A human subject who enters SCP-151-A will experience the following:

•Extremely high levels of physical or mental trauma.

•An accelerated altered physiology caused by touching SCP-151-A with any bodily organ.

•A desire to make the SCP-151-A door open in his workplace or in his domain.

•Checkered past and similar experiences that have itself become anomalous.

•Experient feelings of self-consciousness.

•Attentional as well as hypoactive tendencies.

•A strong sense of self-preservation and a desire to protect SCP-151-A.

In the event that the subject does not have the motivation and/or the ability to open SCP-151-A while in possession of the above motivation, a serious incident is to occur and the door will be locked until the second trigger of SCP-151-A is triggered and then unlocked as soon as the second trigger is in place. Any attempt to close or alter the SCP-151-A door or alter SCP-151-A outside this containment area will result in a containment breach.

Addendum 1: The following is an interview with, a profile of, and the person who came next to SCP-151-A during containment breach ██/██/19██.

Intelligence Agency Files:

United States of Acre

Interview Log:


Interviewed: Agent ██████

Interviewer: Agent ██████

Foreword: The following interview was conducted on ██/██/19██. The following text is SCP-151-A's transcription of SCP-151-A's body language.

Agent ██████: Karina, can you hear me?

Karina: Oh, no. I can hear you.

Agent █████: Well, thank you for giving me this information. I then need you to tell me your name as well as the change of occupations after your rescue. She is waiting for you.

Karina: So, I worked as a farmhand in [REDACTED] for… this entire time.

Agent ██████: How did that come about?

Karina: Well, the farmhand came looking for me. The owner of the farmhouse, a Mrs. █████ ███, claimed she was a islemaid. I made a case of that. She, the owner, also claimed to have found me wandering the island. I asked whether I could join her and she said yes.

Agent ██████: Did you do anything on the island?

Karina: I didn't know what I was doing when I joined up with the Isle Maid, though I did help the odd few with chores and sometimes cooked breakfast for them.

Agent ██████: How did you become a human?

Karina: Well, I didn't think I was naturally born. I was instead born almost twenty years after my father, ██████, died. I really wanted to be a better person and then I realized I didn't have the right to be a better person to be a human.

Agent ██████: What changed your mind?

Karina: I was raised in the boarding and joyous life from baby to man. I wanted to be a man, even when I was little. I

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