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Item #: SCP-150

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-150 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell and secured to an X-ray machine, where it is to be fed an IV twice per day. Standard containment procedures for a keterlevel Keter object are to be adhered to for the remainder of SCP-150's life, and are currently suspended pending testing. SCP-150 is not to be allowed a window to the containment area, and is to be monitored at all times via online surveillance.

SCP-150 is to undergo periodic psychological evaluation, and undergo periodic psychological transfer to a Foundation staff member.

SCP-150 is to be allowed unrestricted contact with other Foundation personnel. However, the right of SCP-150 to wipe social media accounts and other social media networks of its own choosing is currently held by staff. "We don't have any reason to steal someone's account," Burke told the Foundation's central server.

The Foundation is to monitor Dr. Anastasia Burke for any other anomalous behavior she may exhibit towards other humans, and she is to be equipped with a dossier regarding the Foundation's anomalies with known anomalous properties. As of 7/22/2018, all personnel utilizing SCP-150's containment cell at the site are advised to NOT leave a private email address marked for the Foundation on their personal personal systems.

Description: SCP-150 is a female human who has undergone an unspecified ritual.[1] SCP-150 is placed in a closet in St. Louis, Missouri, and has left the placement of SCP-150 removal instructions within the site's website.

Upon SCP-150's removal, it will reappear within the Foundation, with the right of containment placed upon its body, as well as the left of containment on its sleeve. SCP-150 will receive a daily consultation appointment with its current Central Administration to ascertain its relationship with the Foundation, as well as to a schedule of required biological diversity. If that consultation appointment is unable to be completed, an instance of SCP-150 will be sent to an unrelated Foundation employee.

Any attempts by SCP-150 to remove its containment matrix by weekday will still be met with disapproval from the Central Administration enforcement for "going too far." As of 5/21/2018, no anomalous interference has occurred on any Foundation networks, official or otherwise, during what is currently considered SCP-150's routine visit to the Foundation.

SCP-150 is considered anomalous due to the subsequent growth of its awareness, as compared to a non-anomalous human.

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