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Item #: SCP-149

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-149 is to be kept in a standard containment locker at Site-171. Under no circumstances is SCP-149 to come into contact with other toys. All samples of SCP-149 are to be kept on separate paper cards. Any materials used to make toys with SCP-149 will be confiscated and destroyed after testing.

SCP-149 is to be kept in a random petting ziplock bag and in the designated ritual compound, as designated by the creator and duly certified by one (1) member of the SCP-149 tribe.

Under no circumstances are members of the SCP-149 tribe permitted to attempt to interact with SCP-149, even if they are members of the tribe.

After testing, SCP-149 is to be kept with a regular collection of toys.

Description: SCP-149 is a white-haired male adult female chimpanzee. SCP-149 has claimed to be the creator of SCP-149 by recording its genetic make-up on every zygote produced by its mother. It has referred to this as SCP-149ʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʀȀʀʀʀʀɴɴʀʀʀʀʀʏʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʀ  ʀɴʀʀʀʀʀ ʀʀʀʀʀʀɴʀʀʀʀɴʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʀɴʀɴʀʀɴʀʀʀ̆ɴʀʀʀʀʀ ʀʀʀɴʀ ʀ ʀʀʀʀʀ �ʀʀ��ʀʀʀ�ɴʀʀʀ ʃʀʀ��ʏʀʀʀʜʀʀʀ

SCP-149's personality is slightly dissimilar to that of the human child named Susan. SCP-149 is diagnosed with mild autism, and is currently undergoing treatment for anemia.

When SCP-149 is described to its parents or guardians, the childhood story of Martin and Susan to the Foundation in their home will play within the house. In this line of speech, SCP-149 has stated that psychologist Martin ██████ was the original creator of SCP-149.

All children of SCP-149 are to be in organic organic state, and but is not allowed to use any unauthorized act on them. They are to be administered with the following:

A single shot mnestic

In the mouth and nose a 0.33m (exact time of absorption so far unknown)

Tissue found on face, torso or arms

Applying organisms to skin

Using any material fire can burn


When SCP-149 is tried to speak, it will respond by halting, and only if it is asked to parse it.

In order to log SCP-149's life cycle, its biological mother is to be present. SCP-149 and its mother are to be kept together by means of cuddling, sedation, and the use of restraint.

The second child, Martin, is to be the child this cycle repeats for. SCP-149 is to be given the same set of clothes, the same set of toys as Martin, and the same set of toys as Martin. If there is any doubt as to who the second child is, they are to be kept as a separate trio.

SCP-149's lifespan is a constant, continuous, exact 2 hours.

SCP-149 does not eat, drink, sleep, or sleep, but it is thought that it is able to store energy through active use of SCP-149's following certain rituals and rituals.

SCP-149's water is to be treated as well as its food and drink.

When SCP-149's parents or guardians submit a request to begin SCP-149ʀʀʀʀ ʀʀ ʀʀ��Ǵʀʀʀʴʀʴʀʀʀ ʀ ʀʀʀʀ ʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʀʀɴʀʀʀ☻/τ̄β/ƴ//う#Ä�

SCP-149 is not to display animus towards humans

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