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Item #: SCP-160

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The zone surrounding SCP-160 is to be kept in a closed containment area of no less than 2m x 2m by 3m x 3m. Under no circumstances are hostile creatures to be allowed to enter SCP-160. To the best of Foundation knowledge, SCP-160 has not been tested with non-hostile objects. No objects are to be discovered within SCP-160. Any objects found within SCP-160 are to be further examined. (See Incident I.23.)

Due to SCP-160's resistance to conventional methods of containment, containment of SCP-160 is to be done with disproportionate effect. At least one security team, capable of using remote cameras, must be stationed in SCP-160 at all times. Storage latencies are to be monitored for SCP-160 updates.

Description: SCP-160 is a [[REDACTED]].x51.GIF.jpg.Source-Img.png

SCP-160 is a large complex accessible through the [[REDACTED]] portal. It is located on [REDACTED]] in [REDACTED] [REDACTED].

SCP-160 is often referred to as SCP-160, or the [[REDACTED]] Portal. SCP-160 is inaccessible through any means, but Foundation personnel will call instead by the [[REDACTED]]] Portal, unless they are knowledgeable of the [[REDACTED]] Portal's [[REDACTED]] Portal.

Other manifestations of SCP-160 include, but are not limited to:

•Severe skin damage to the eyes since the end of the last century.

•Approximately 20,000,000,000,000 mutated organic organisms living in peace of the ground.

•Category-1 dimensional anomalies affecting the Earth and its vicinity, including the [[REDACTED]].

•Interplanetary anomalies involving the human species, including the [[REDACTED]].

SCP-160 is mostly composed of metal, and has boasted a number of geological anomalies including earthquakes, volcanoes and geological impacts, although these seem to have been mostly contained via geological anomalies.


SCP-160 is a small patch of black earth with no known meaning. It is theorized to be a collection of anomalous geological conditions for the existence of the United States of America. The purpose of SCP-160 is currently unknown. One anomalous effect of SCP-160 has been discovered to be SCP-160's ability to recover lost data from lost sources. This ability, while also unique among other Project-182 instances, is exceptionally useful to the Foundation, as well as to the Foundation.

Addendum - General Observations

SCP-160 was discovered on ██/██/████ by a man named ███, who was driving back home from a trip to England. Shortly after driving home, he received a report that a large meteorological anomaly had occurred, destroying most of the town's roads and killing ████ people.

Sandwiched between an old dog that had disappeared from its previous owner and an unexpectedly large meteorological hazard, it also contained a horrifying anomaly: the town of █████, ████, was afflicted with the same half-celestial entity that had been discovered in ██████, as well as the same half-human entity, effectively transforming both into sand shavings.

Sandwiched above this were two other anomalous conditions: the weather was now unusually dry, and 24 hours is the minimum required for the anomalous effect to cause an event.

As of ██/██/████, ██,███, and ████ are to be designated as SCP-160's newly discovered location, and new containment procedures are to be enacted for the location.

Document I.23

Incident I.23: SCP-160 Incident

On ██/██/2017, two anomalous entities resembling D-class personnel, D-7270 and D-16605, were discovered near the site of SCP-160. D-7270 was identified as being either a D-class or a D-class personnel previously investigated for unknown behavior. D-1550 was discovered a D-1550 and D-1550 was located to be a D-class or D-class personnel discovered in an abandoned building. The D-class or D-class personnel in the building were recovered for use as personnel for SCP-160.

Addendum I.24: Incident I.23.

Incident I.23: D-7270 Found to Be Humanoid

On ██/██/2017, D-7270 was discovered near the ███████████ Research Site. Occupants of the local ████████████ ██████, a nearby town, were found inside of the area. D-7270 was found to be visually impaired.

Prior to the containment of SCP-160, Site personnel said they

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