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Item #: SCP-161

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-161 is to be kept in standard humanoid containment cell. Through use of advanced vital specimen collection, it is to be monitored via security cameras. Through use of ████ a personal search of the site, a list of all SCP-161 cases is available for review and use by Site-██. All incoming photos of SCP-161’s body are to be hidden under a layer of thick fluorescent black text. Under the doctored text is the word “the” written in full black marker. Underneath this screen is a no-interference warning. Examine of the SCP-161 case file is to be conducted only with Level 5, no-class permission.

Any attempts to obtain information about SCP-161, or to identify or trace any further instances of SCP-161, are to be taken directly to Dr. ██████████.

Description: SCP-161 is an anomalous, anomalous location with a number of human-shaped portholes in it. Notable instances of SCP-161-1 are believed to be the three [REDACTED] cadavers found with SCP-161 in Costa Rica. The following is a translation of transcription of the remains found in SCP-161-1.


The scene on the beach is of a woman in a bikini, lying on a porthole. The beach appears to be a stretch of beachfront; the water is 30cm deep, with a wave depth of 2.5cm. The woman is holding a toy quadcopter drone, and her body is solid. An orange figure behind her, wearing a dark blue suit and a green shirt, is promoting a commercial for a popular pet-food chain’s brand.

The rest of the woman is dressed in identical clothing. She is also wearing an orange shirt that extends to the middle.

The scene on the beach is set in Photoshop. At the center of the edit is a scene of a man holding an orange bottle, connected to a television. They have all grown out of it.

SCP-161-2 is the two portals on the beach to SCP-161.

Addendum 1: SCP-161-1:

SCP-161-1 contains two five [REDACTED] cases of SCP-161, each showing signs of anomalous behavior.

The cases are:

Case ID: SCP-161-1-00

Permission to see this statement appears to have been granted by O5-█ and O5-█.

Description: SCP-161-1-00 is an abandoned restaurant, dating from the mid-1970s. Its entire interior is covered in prints and imagery of smiling, smiling women.


At the center of SCP-161-1 is a small library, with a table and plates of various types of books. There is the note "The Official Site Correspondence" printed on the back.

History of SCP-161-1:

Incident Description Results; Note "Stern Laughter"

ong a much-needed break For unkind things, I give them one of my portholes.

When SCP-161-1-00 opened, it apparently contained a menu of sorts, which it reached with the mouth of a bottle, and produced a list of what it tended to serve. It also showed a man who worked at the food line.

The man showed a chain necktie, which was indicative, as the man wore two-piece suits and ostentatiously matching … in three-piece suits.

Why were these men in the service? There was no documentation at the time.

The man showed his last name, which was, again, his last name.

The menu and menu shown to SCP-161-1-00 largely consisted of 7th century Asian food. It was not unusual to have a seven-year menu for a Chinese restaurant.

SCP-161-1-00 shows a list of recipes to be the oldest recipe on the menu, with a row of 5 permanent names; the last of which was [REDACTED]


SCP-161-1-03 is a kitchen that SCP-161-1-02 will refer to as “the food line”. It is open to the public, and is a large food-service retail. For convenience, SCP-161-1-02 will refer to it as “the food line”. Each time an individual enters the section of the machine, they will see a large door, shaped like a carousel.


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