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Item #: SCP-165

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-165 is to be kept in a standard containment chamber at Site 17. Single SCP-165 instance is to be used to chronicle SCP-165's progress through the timeline. Any SCP-165 instances produced by SCP-165 are to be stored in similar-sized containers in the same testing database.

SCP-165 is to be maintained on the temporal anomaly database for the Foundation. The exception to this is when SCP-165 is subject to a cause of temporal subversion. Any SCP-165 instances created by SCP-165 are to be cataloged as causality anomalies, though the database is not made available to advanced researchers.

Description: SCP-165 is a non-anomalous human female of Cuban origin. SCP-165 is fluent in Spanish, possesses a high level of emotional stability, and possesses a higher IQ than the average human. SCP-165 is virtually undetectable in any form of media, though this has not deterred Foundation personnel from attempting to use SCP-165 for research purposes.

SCP-165 is capable of anomalous effects in a limited range of exact temporal phenomena unrelated to the time elapsed since its containment, though the frequency of SCP-165's anomalous effect has remained consistent. SCP-165 is capable of experiencing significant temporal subversion at its birth and remains unaffected during this time.

Post-incident investigation has revealed that the events of ██/██/19██, when SCP-165 was born, occurred within 6,000 years of the date of SCP-165's containment. However, the exact levels of causal subversion found are significantly higher than that found in the ancient Near-Eastern Near-World.


Interviewed: SCP-165

Interviewer: Dr. Barbara Adler

Foreword: In an attempt to better understand SCP-165's anomalous abilities, Dr. Adler has collected an interview log concerning SCP-165.

Dr. Adler: Alright. I thought I'd send you in, if anything, to get you more specific on the timelines that SCP-165 created. It seems like this last part of the timeline has absolutely nothing to do with the Foundation timeline. Could you elaborate?

SCP-165: Yes, my family was from Rampertin, Quebec. My parents, my parents-and-grandfather. Were able to expand their horizons by going through the world of the unknown. They spoke of it from the furthest reaches of watchful-eyed imagination, embraced the global tradition of the mid-19th century, and gave the world the sensation of a girl from the next step in her life.

Dr. Adler: Did you and your family travel for many generations?

SCP-165: They spent what time they had, and what was due by right. I was born in 1891, and spent my entire adult life in the Foundation. Before you ask, yes I was charged with maintaining the SCP Foundation, and even though that wasn't the highest-level priority I always had, I took the position.

Dr. Adler: Why didn't you seek employment?

SCP-165: When I was in my early 20's, I had a family, and I thought if I'd be able to learn how to make a decent living, and as I continued my studies, I became a father. I didn't have to ask permission, but now that I'm a father, I love my children and they love me. I am also a nice person, and has an immediate trust in me.

Dr. Adler: What did your family teach you?

SCP-165: They taught me the importance of family, and the importance of the Foundation. When I was a young boy, I never had a father, and now I have a mother. I was always very much a boy, and now, I am a man.

Dr. Adler: Can you tell me about your mother?

SCP-165: As a boy, she was always quite spirited. As I was growing up, she did not mind me taking her out of her house for the school, and just staying with my family to play. I went to my mother's classes with her for the most part, but I noticed that she always had a book with her. She was always reading to me, and was always a good reader. She was good at anything I asked her, and learned it very good. She is very fond of me, and will tell anyone who sees her that she loves me, even if I don't like her.

Dr. Adler: What do you mean by affection?

SCP-165: I think affection is a very special word. I was always very

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