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Item #: SCP-166

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The individual specimens and tests are to be stored indefinitely in a separate protected area. The entire collection is to be kept in an approved testing area to determine if SCP-166 is anomalous. SCP-166 is to be fed three times a day.

Permanent Foundation containment has been agreed upon in exchange for distributing an estimated 0.1 million bovines each year, to prevent the spread of SCP-166's effects. The continued use of SCP-166's anomalous effects is in the hands of MTF Epsilon-9, "Cowboys."

Description: SCP-166 is a listed non-anomalous AK-47 assault rifle, dated to the mid 1970's. Its anomalous properties manifest when fired: all bullets at the same time (in japanese, i.e. "cannon"), regardless of caliber.

What happens when fired upon a human being? This is difficult to unravel. Between the time of the gun's production and the time it is used by the SCP, it has been fired only one time, and humans have recounted seeing a hulking humanoid to the fatal impact of the weapon. There is no known way to determine if these pictures resemble the top of the stock, or if the human who was shot only saw a "huge" figure emerging from the barrel.

If fired on a farm, SCP-166 will cause an event to occur. The aftermath, of a "mofo" or monetary loss, is completely unremarkable. If not attended by the person in question, or witnessed by a reasonable degree non-anomalously, the event poses no anomalies.

The event is usually contained within a secure vault: the vault will be opened a few times to allow for the recovery of the SCP, and the vault securely locked closed within a 30-year period.

Extensive research has been conducted by the Foundation to determine the exact time at which SCP-166 will start disassembling the weapon. In the presence of a human, SCP-166 is capable of performing a "mofo" on the subject by performing the conversion of the weapon's original stock, cartridge, and magazine.

The following is a list of known information relating to the event SCP-166 will trigger:

List of known time periods before the event:


In the event that the SCP-166 fails to disassemble the magazine upon the "mofo," it will begin to "reverse-engineer" and rig the weapon in the desired pattern. Once the weapon has been defeated by the SCP, reversing the weapon can be accomplished from the point of view of the original user.

Description: SCP-1177-A is a precognitive event in which a human being is killed upon using SCP-1177-A's anomalous properties. This corresponds to the event SCP-1177-A can trigger. Analysis is pending approval to use SCP-1177-A and SCP-1177-A to assist in containment of SCP-1177-B.

Target: Member of MTF Epsilon-9

Result: SCP-1177-A creates an instance of SCP-1177-B. SCP-1177-B represents a group of four humans, who will now be members of MTF Epsilon-9. SCP-1177-A also sends on a courier.

SCP-1177-A also reports a car crash within 5 minutes of the event, which most often leads to fatalities.

List of known locations prior to the event:

•Birmingham, AL

•Memphis, TN

•Detroit, MI

•Seattle, WA

•Seattle, WA

•San Francisco, CA

•Minneapolis, MN

•Mendocino, CA

•Montana, MT

•Phoenix, AZ

•Faliord, CA

•Somethingscary, NC

•Salt Lake City, UT

•Bugs, CA

•Wobwee, AG

•Greenville, GE

•Pasco, GA

•Wyonwood, GA

•Waterford, MA

•Fort Benning, NC

•Bridgeport, CT

•Brooklyn, NY

•New York, NY

•New Jersey, NJ

•Leipzig, RH


SCP-1177-B is a group of four human beings, members of MTF Epsilon-9. SCP-1177-B is currently at Level 4.


Date: ██/██/19██

Name: Dr. ██████

Team: T-800

Subject: SCP-1177-A

Description: SCP-1177-A is a group of

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