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Item #: SCP-167

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: It is currently believed that this object is similar in nature to SCP-1001 in density and shape. Projekt response agents should monitor communication channels, maintain frequencies above 32Hz and so on.

Description: SCP-167 is a pair of lost radio signals (originally identified as "Acoustic Satellite Satellites") that were recorded by a female voice from the direction of the Western United States in 2009. The unique signal strain of SCP-167 is currently believed to be unrelated to any known sources of retrograde signals.

The object's signature consists of two tones of 0's at 127.3kHz, which represents an individual human voice. Most features of SCP-167 are identical to those of SCP-1001, in that every human are able to listen to both sounds in the same direction simultaneously without perceiving any difference. When sent through SCP-1001, the tones constitute an integral part of the signal that describes the object's orientation within the Earth's orbit.

Although testing has revealed that SCP-167 was not sentient, SCP-167's anomalous effects manifest whatever is sending SCP-1001, which currently is believed to be a single VOX "Wave Verifier" (VV), in which the object acts as a universal transmitter. Can be dispensed directly to any individual within a ~15m radius of the object, resulting in a variable range of speech.


SCP-1601's transceiver signal strength has temporarily been doubled, making it easier to identify and obtain SCP-1601's "VV" code.


SCP-1601's VV is now a VV used by SCP-1601 as a means of communicating directly with SCP-1601.


The collection of VV codes produced by SCP-1601 are now located in the widespread Library at Site-██, complete with the Library's entire collection of lost radio signals. The entire collection now appears to be stored in the Foundation Librarians' Center for Unit Research in B█████ Satellite Communication Center. The total capacity of that facility now appears to be roughly 10,000,000V, with likely applications stretching beyond Foundation use.

Addendum 1: Did Scott Ship in from the PR Office?

VV code has been resurrected several times, most recently caused a few incidents on 13/6/2012. The same VV codes were used in a number of other public-access satellite-based technology programs at their respective sites, as well as Incident 1602-A, where all communications satellite systems within a 15km radius were damaged by unknown forces.

Addendum 2: Graphic Plan for Site-██

Notably, the Site-██ B█████ satellite center is currently under construction, with The ███████ Area and Site-██ B█████ Space Center as the major components of the new site.

The full catalog of VV codes is available below:







Scheduler:David L████


Sightings-Per-Year: (20)




It's the end of the world, and all that's left of the Foundation (or so we think.) is darkness and mindless screaming. It is all but certain that SCP-1601 is gone. And this is the culmination of a Searching which may be the last of any kind of information we have.

We still have time.



I stick to the wall.

I see the sea of stars.

It is pitch black, and they are all sparkling blue.

I have seen the worlds without sails.

And these things are a dark gray colour,

For the only co-operation I will ever have in this world.

It is a world of infinite creatures, and infinite things.

I think of kami, and what they could mean.

I think of the waves and waves of the seas.

And all that I can do but think of fear.

These things are not like us, and every time they show me,

I feel the way they go through the universe.

Isolation is not the best thing for me.

But what do you think?

I will keep the world safe,

To be safe with me here.



1. A common explanation for SCP-1601's anomalous properties is that cultural evolution in West Europe, excluding the Russian Federation, has been in the process of eliminating the use of the

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