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Item #: SCP-017

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Individual SCP-017 instances are contained in a standard locker at Site-60. Visits to locate SCP-017 instances are to be made by Level 3 staff. All individuals and items found inside SCP-017 instances are to be tested for all known traces of SCP-017. While Foundation personnel are not to disturb SCP-017 instances, rags in the locker are to be replaced with new rags or nylon armor.

Staff assigned to SCP-017 are to report regularly to the top administrator of SCP-017.

Description: SCP-017 instances are an assortment of items resembling traditional street clothes, from the 17th century. Four anomalous effects are associated with SCP-017 instances. First, instances are affected by the 'Little Gentleman Syndrome'. Second, individuals within 10 meters of SCP-017 instances are completely unaffected (i.e. cannot flee). Third, the individuals within 24 meters of SCP-017 instances are completely disabled. And fourth, individuals within 100 meters of the creature are greatly reduced in cellular mass, and difficulty breathing is noted in all instances.

The material of SCP-017 instances is identical to street clothes for the time period CC-17 activated by the town of Thebes, Greece (see Sample 17-A: SCP-017-A). Items found inside of SCP-017 instances were found in a trash bag in a garbage bin outside of the town, several of which were labeled as street clothes.

SCP-017 instances are hostile to people and objects. In the presence of one or more human beings, SCP-017 instances will attempt to consume them. Items found are designated as SCP-017 instances. Instances of SCP-017 instances are affected by the 'Little Gentleman Syndrome'. Additionally, Professor Georg Archaeov of Oryol University in Vilayetok reportedly experienced a permanent mental stability loss after sustaining a 7.5% to 9% loss of consciousness.

When interacting with SCP-017 instances, all individual instances are capable of causing physical harm to those who interact with them. SCP-017 instances have been known to cause significant damage to old buildings, especially when standing on the roof or at the top of a structure, along with minor damage to furniture. SCP-017 instances are also able to cause minor damage to items stored in its footprint. In addition, individuals who interact with SCP-017 in its presence are infected by the 'Little Gentleman Syndrome'.

In instances of SCP-017 instances, persons have been identified as SCP-017 instances. These instances are incapable of harm to human beings, but the power source inside of SCP-017 instances cannot be removed. Subjects who are exposed to SCP-017 instances are affected in a similar way to those of subjects who work in the area affected. Instances of SCP-017 instances are capable of increased aggression to those individuals.

Immediate treatment for exposure to SCP-017 instances is recommended. When in the presence of a human being, a small amount of SCP-017 instances will become animated and attempt to consume it. Pain is expressed in the breast area of SCP-017 instances. SCP-017 instances will still respond as normal, and continue to attack those who approach it.

Exploration of the lagoon surrounding SCP-017 instances is kept to a minimum.

A report on SCP-017 instances is to be made monthly to the top administrator of SCP-017.

Interviews Log 17-A:

Date: 10/06/21

Interviewer: Dr. Sajid Al-Menahem

Interviewee: SCP-017 instances

Dr. Al-Menahem: Good morning, SCP-017 instances. Do you mind if we take a dip in the lagoon and ask you some questions about Thebes?

SCP-017 instances: Uh, yeah.

Dr. Al-Menahem: While you are properly focused on a subject on the ground, do not attempt to interfere with the larger object.

SCP-017 instances: Sir?

Dr. Al-Menahem: Yes, allow it to activate.

SCP-017 instances: (pauses) I'm getting a bit of a headache, right?

Dr. Al-Menahem: Whoa, not the hard stuff. I'm just here to ask you some questions.

SCP-017 instances: Big French guy, right?

Dr. Al-Menahem: Well, he's not French.

SCP-017 instances: (pauses) What kind of question is this?

Dr. Al-Menahem: I want you to tell me if you have anything you think the Foundation is capable of preventing the effect.

SCP-017 instances: (pauses) I only hope we can keep it a

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