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Item #: SCP-171

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-171 is to be stored in a standard safe in Site-8. No personnel are to come within twenty meters of SCP-171 unless accompanied by a trained researcher with at least a 1-5% clearance level in the area of SCP-171's anomalous effects.

Description: SCP-171 is a creature with a background of common knowledge, and is the most commonly known and commonly performed of any anomalous object. SCP-171 is close to human itself, but has the ability to clone the human brain and merge with it to form a singular identity.

SCP-171 is able to create an entirely new identity, usually created from the brain and nervous system of a former human, and the mind of an adult human of the same age. This specificity often makes SCP-171 and events surrounding its creation extremely difficult to track. For example, SCP-171 copies and text files for the ████████ ███████ ████████ Project within Site-██ itself, and instances of SCP-171's identity documents have been found in █ Foundation locations across the globe.

Because of this or similar anomalous properties in SCP-171's costume, it is generally understood that one of its anomalous effects is responsible for the effect. However, other contextual factors, such as the preference, and the familiarity of the wearer, can affect a person's likelihood of experiencing the anomalous effect. SCP-171's anomalous effects have never been confirmed, but it is believed that the identity is nonirritable and permanent, and that the moment it is made permanent the effects will cease.

SCP-171 is not capable of creating any evidence of anomalous activity, phrase, or message, even if it possesses a suitable homophonic or phonetic device. SCP-171 will instead create a memorable and powerful persona, determined by the person it is choosing. The chosen personality often exhibits symptoms beginning to resemble the character of that chosen person, even in the cases where the person is male or female. SCP-171 will also have a preference for regenerating memories of the character chosen.

SCP-171 is capable and willing to create a replica of any person, and will create and fit objects and persons. Unlike a normal puppet or human, these items and persons are as anomalous to SCP-171 as they are to individuals. SCP-171 will also produce instances of SCP-171's identity document.

Obtaining a replica of SCP-171 will almost certainly result in a multiple personality incident. SCP-171 will not be able to explain why it chose the person, or explain why that person chose SCP-171, because SCP-171 itself is intangible, and will always be associated with the person. SCP-171 will also be more prone to self-destructive tendencies, and to actions leading to a complete foreseeable destruction of the psyche. The safest way to prevent these actions is to never know the person, because a containment breach can still have fatal results.

Instances of SCP-171's identity document have proven to be similarly difficult to track, and have grown more capable of covering up any anomalous activity. SCP-171 has only been arrested for numerous crimes, and has served as a Foundation front to conceal a variety of anomalous activities.

Addendum: SCP-171 is granted Class-A amnestics after a series of interviews with former SCP-171's parents, where SCP-171's parents stated that SCP-171 was picked up by their child due to a containment breach of unknown nature. Several anomalies were called in for a testing thread to see if SCP-171's anomalous abilities would be accurate, but were all deemed to be successfully classified as anomalous.

Addendum: SCP-171 was identified as SCP-171-1, the last known instance of SCP-171, through the use of borderline-psychological anomalies, and SCP-171-2, the containment team assigned to SCP-171.

Addendum: SCP-171 has been found to be an extremely powerful mind-altering anomaly, and a multitude of anomalous characters for SCP-171 is available in Foundation Site-██

Addendum: Foundation personnel have become increasingly enthralled with SCP-171's existence, and have begun to utilize the object to assist in their own experiments. In particular, Foundation personnel have become obsessed with SCP-171, despite its original containment and the majority of its containment procedures.

Addendum: SCP-171 was discovered in the containment wing of Site-██, and was discovered avoiding the solar plexus to go to sleep by the side of the road. Foundation agents assigned to Site-██ managed to retrieve it, despite its absence of any line of sight to the sun.

Addendum: Second and third generation SCP-171's containment procedures are to be updated as necessary to protect against future incidents of

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