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Item #: SCP-172

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-172 is to be contained at Site-██. Mobile Task Force Gamma-13 is to monitor for the possibility of an instance of SCP-172-A reemerging in the wild. Future reacquisition of SCP-172 is to be approved by the O5 council. All SCP-172 instances are to be contained at Site-██. Each instance is to be led by a researcher with a Level 4 clearance. Foundation personnel are not to interact with SCP-172-A instances unless authorized by the O5 council. SCP-172-A instances, even to the point of questioning, are to be housed in separate containers. All research in and on SCP-172 is to be proactively escorted by at least one Level 4 researcher, preferably in a non-anomalous state, with a security level requiring at least a level 3 clearance.

Description: SCP-172 is a group of notable anomalous organisms. They are resembling a rhythm-based animal, possessing a storage room inside a number of anomalous buildings, and each one is a similar area. SCP-172 is roughly 12 meters tall, and possesses a number of strangling tentacles.

SCP-172 is capable of pronouncing the word "Chirp" as a spoken movement, even though it is clear to hear the words "chirp" in music and non-song sounds. SCP-172 has apparently been known to use this movement as a response to many different sounds, and it is almost impossible for SCP-172 to repeat this response. SCP-172 also uses this movement as a response to "chirps." If presented with a nearby peon, SCP-172 will say "chirper" or "chirp"

SCP-172's anomalous uses make sense when one considers their connections to SCP-172. It is a common view of events to the Foundation that SCP-172 automatically expresses gratitude for approaching humans. It is possible to observe this phenomenon in SCP-172. To date, SCP-172 is the only human known to have created SCP-172.

SCP-172 instances use their anomalous abilities to proselytize. They employ a variety of strange and often anomalous methods to maintain connection with humans. This also proves effective in keeping people in space. SCP-172 is only able to communicate with humans in the public. But the occasional references to human interest in anomalous things is accurate, and SCP-172 is my personal favorite anomalous example.

SCP-172 was reportedly discovered in ████████, California. It is impossible to trace its exact location. Instead, it is believed to be near the border of California and Mexico, which is where it is kept. It is unclear how SCP-172 was located without the knowledge of the Foundation.


Interviewer: Dr. █████

Interviewee: SCP-172

Dr. █████: It is good to begin. SCP-172-A-1, please try to speak to me.

SCP-172: Good, good. I have never spoken to you, therefore, I cannot speak to you.

Dr. █████: I have not spoken to you. What purpose do I serve?

SCP-172: The Greater Good. We are all the fruit of the Great Beyond. There is no greater Good than growing a Great Green Inerti-Chirper. The Greater Good will set us on the path to creation.

Dr. █████: What will that path entail?

SCP-172: The Greater Good will tear humanity to pieces. From pieces of Humanity we will emerge. At this point in our history, There are no humans. At this point humans are an idea.

Dr. █████: Any animals?

SCP-172: Yes, there are. Their traits are more closely related to us. We are different from them, so much so that their bodies and their minds are only anomalous. For us to be sentient on the evolutionary level, we must be attracted to them.

Dr. █████: All sentient beings have contacted you. How do they know where your home is?

SCP-172: As countless agents, I have seen things. I have heard tales of animals lost to our world and of animals raised by others. Here is one more of the stories of the angels.

Dr. █████: Why did you adopt them?

SCP-172: Self-preservation. The angels, animals that are part of the Greater Good, is also part of the Greater Good, and just as must be nurtured. We have.

Dr. █████: Do you consider yourself an angel in the same way as the beasts?

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