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Item #: SCP-173

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-173 is to be kept in a sealed container and kept in a secure Safe-class storage locker. A single instance of SCP-173 is to be kept in a standard containment unit, equipped with a remote-controlled door opener, and a standard-issue 6-meter video camera. During SCP-173's containment, the area is to be kept in a 30-meter radius radius around SCP-173. If SCP-173's containment unit is breached, the area is to be evacuated immediately and all instances of SCP-173 are to be run over at high speed until containment unit is repaired or replaced.

Description: SCP-173 is a copy of SCP-173, also known as The Weekender. SCP-173's anomalous effects begin at the base of its ear, and next reach the ears, and the brain, before "screening" and then shutting down. As SCP-173's containment unit continues to be repaired, any, and all instances of SCP-173 are to be coded and removed by personnel. All instances of SCP-173 are to be removed from containment and destroyed as soon as possible.

During the repair of SCP-173's containment unit, SCP-173's brains and nervous system will self-repair themselves. Currently, SCP-173 is only known to have spent 27 hours contributing to the repair of SCP-173's containment unit.

SCP-173 is to be monitored via a video camera fitted with a remote-control keypad, and SCP-173 is to be directed to report any changes to the O5 council on a daily basis. SCP-173 is to be kept awake at all times, and only to the extent that SCP-173 is able to perform the required tasks. Any time SCP-173 spends unable to perform any of the tasks is to be recorded and kept in a separate secure file.

SCP-173's containment unit must be kept in a standard-issue Safe-class containment locker, with a remote-controlled door opener. SCP-173 is to be kept in this containment unit, and for the purposes of testing this is to be repeatedly re-opening the door with the remote-control keypad.

In the event of an SCP-173 containment breach, the O5 council will authorize a full evacuation of the area immediately, and a full withdrawal of SCP-173 from containment. As of 2017-07-29, safe-class containment units are in use in containment of SCP-173 in Site-36.

SCP-173 was discovered during routine search of a suburban house near ██████, Texas. Agents conducting the search discovered a dozen or more instances of SCP-173 in the attic. An initial containment team was sent to the house, and the outer walls of the containment unit were refined to be able to withstand the types of explosives used in containment.

SCP-173's conception was thoroughly researched by Dr. Loren Silver, and the O5 council agreed. Dr. Silver began disseminating SCP-173's constructors to Foundation artisans during the Foundation Foundation's last Great War, in order to learn how to use SCP-173's anomalous properties.

In its current form, SCP-173 is a collection of different objects, in varying stages of design, designed to be used to communicate with one another. However, SCP-173's anomalous effects only begin with processing the words "see you later" in any given language. SCP-173's might, however, be used to communicate with each other if spoken properly.

If SCP-173's containment unit is breached, an immediate evacuation of the area and full withdrawal of SCP-173 will occur.




Item #: SCP-173

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-173 is to be contained in an isolated safe-class containment locker, secured in a steel container and fitted with a remote-controlled door opener, with a standard-issue 6 meter video camera in the containment unit. SCP-173 is sent a daily stream of audio presentations by audio trackers. The tapes are to be analyzed and transcribed into a single text file, which is designated SCP-173-A.

Description: SCP-173 is a series of audio recordings, recorded in the month of April specifically of SCP-173's first recorded speech. SCP-173 first appeared as a blind, deaf man presently living in █████, Louisiana. SCP-173's first recorded speech is a series of Talking Stick Figures with three male voices speaking several different languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese, and English.

SCP-173 first reports that it finds the company for Talking Stick Figures "And The Bright are Singing" to be "And the Bright are Singing". During

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