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Item #: SCP-177

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-177, along with any numbers, is kept at a virtual location within Site-███'s distributed metered-network. SCP-177 is to be monitored via a live-intercom at all times. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-33 "Polar Guardians" is to monitor and provide logistical support to SCP-177.

Description: SCP-177 is a circular, 2m diameter pseudocode containing a single distinct number system. It is placed upon a 12-m metal rectangle, with a small, 3cm diameter hole inserted into the left side to allow for SCP-177 to migrate by itself to the nearest surface, and a 10cm diameter hole in the center to allow for SCP-177 to migrate to any nearest solid surface. The circularity of this pseudocode is due in large part to the use of brackets, which have stretched and expanded in different ways to accommodate the numbers in SCP-177.

SCP-177 is capable of communicating telepathically with any human (at least 85D-class), and its anomalous effect is influenced by the subject's attitude towards the anomalous. SCP-177 is becoming increasingly aggressive, and individuals who view SCP-177 with hostility are currently advised not to interact it. SCP-177 is not necessarily hostile, but its current level of hostility is imperceptible. SCP-177 is willing to continue communicating with those object-specifically identified with its number system.

SCP-177 has been shown to facilitate the anomalous movement of subject matter to meet the requirements of an anomalous object. The primary objective objective of SCP-177 is to provide a way to communicate with the anomalous without violating the physical laws of non-anomalous matter. Because of this, SCP-177 has been deployed to retrieve a simple object from a nearby surface.


Addendum 1: SCP-177 has been used to track the movement of SCP-177. The following message has been sent to the testing team on WHOIS, as of May 11, 2013. All further communication channels for SCP-177 may be terminated at any time.



Since assigned a containment team, it has proven difficult to trace the movement of SCP-177 to the surface of the ocean. As of May 23, 2013, containment efforts have provided no means to trace the movement of anomalies to the surface of the sea.

Addendum 2: SCP-177 has been found to be capable of operating anomalously as a remote weapon. It can use prior knowledge of anomalous objects to target a specific individual. Instances of SCP-177 will detonate upon being rendered completely unconscious, regardless of the subject's time of firing. A recipient will be rendered instantly anomalously unable to use any methods of communication or communication.

A carefully-crafted notice has been attached to SCP-177's containment file, which can be found below.


Date of Containment: 03-19-20██

Location: Site-██

Maintenance Status: In stable condition.

Removal and disposal of SCP-177 is within personnel discretion.

Addendum 3: Incident 177-7: Although SCP-177 was not previously deemed to have any apparent anomalous properties, the agent that first led to its activation was eliminated due to anomalous and currently unknown characteristics of SCP-177. However, tests with SCP-177 has determined a resistance to data transfer. Current monitoring of SCP-177 remains unable to provide any information on this resistance.

Addendum 4: D-class questioning has proven to be quite difficult to understand, and is conducted in the presence of an unfamiliar audience.

Addendum 5: SCP-177's containment record reveals a multitude of atrocities committed with SCP-177 and a 9-year-old boy. Currently, efforts have been made to determine whether SCP-177 is capable of influencing such actions.

Addendum 6: SCP-177 has requested access to [REDACTED] for a goal-proclaimed experiment. Upon considering its request, the supervisor of D-class Organization 13(TF-13), whose commander is Dr. [REDACTED], has granted access by Dr. J██████, and granted permission for a D-class-based experiment to take place.

Addendum 7: SCP-177 has begun to communicate with other anomalous objects, on a string of absurd experiments. The results of SCP-177's experiments are currently undergoing review.


Addendum 1: SCP-377

Thought to be used by SCP-377 to send messages to individuals outside of Foundation personnel via other Foundation, D-class personnel. Proposals to make SCP-377 a Foundation-standard containment

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