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Item #: SCP-176

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-176 is to be kept within mylar and sealed inside a humidified lead-lined container. No funds are to be used for testing or experimentation of SCP-176. Testing approval is to be given to any more advanced entities outside of the Foundation. In the event an SCP-176-1 instance's data sets are detected, Foundation agents are to be dispatched to the location where the SCP-176-1 instance may go undetected.

Description: SCP-176-1 is a humanoid dressed in a customary military uniform of blue-green and red cloth. When SCP-176-1 instances are observed by human subjects, they will immediately drive off through Area-███, although they have never been observed to slow down or make any sudden movements. When observed by a non-anomalous human subject without supervision, SCP-176-1 instances will proceed in their regular pattern of travel towards their destination. There is no end in sight, even for an SCP-176-1 instance. Approximately four hours after an SCP-176-1 instance leaves Area-███, it will drive back, albeit slowly, a 15 to 20 metre radius in its direction. SCP-176-1 instances continue in this fashion until they are unable to complete the journey.

SCP-176-1 instances are not sensitive to any anomalous effects, and will continue to travel in the same manner regardless of change in their directions. SCP-176-1 instances meanwhile do not recall any incidents that may have occurred or occurred during their journey, as long as they were within Area-███. In all previous instances, the only anomaly that caused the effect was the fact that SCP-176-1 instances would suddenly disappear a majority of their route's route, followed by a semi-transparent rapid movement of the vehicle. SCP-176-1 instances will not discuss any events that took place regarding them, except to mention that they had not been paying attention to the vehicle's route prior to their trip. SCP-176-1 instances claim they had been "hurt" by the vehicle, but that they would enjoy being back in the vehicle and would do so again, though this would become increasingly unlikely with time.

Testing Log 176-C

Testing Log 176-C was initiated by Dr. Shuter, with the goal of ascertaining SCP-176's properties and potential abilities in light of what SCP-176-1 instances produce when stressed. SCP-176-1 instances were restrained on a steel platform with tube heads which allowed SCP-176-1 instances to use their arms in holding objects. SCP-176-1 instances were instructed to take any object presented to them, including but not limited to the radio receiver and DVD player. Foundation agents were brought in to monitor SCP-176-1 instances. In addition to testing, SCP-176-1 instances were prepared for a controlled experiment involving a similar matter.

Addendum 176-A: As of ██-███-1945, SCP-176 has achieved a degree of functionality and informational efficiency. SCP-176-1 instances have been observed removing unknown amounts of unknown substances from the ground, enrichment of soil to date, and the production of organic waste.

The following audiovisual recordings were recorded by Foundation satellite on ██-██-1934. They have been transferred to Foundation database and have been stored as Foundation Records.


Date: ██-██-1934

(Sounds of distant vehicles proceeding)

SCP-176-1-A01: Hello, sir. I'm going to be a little bit of a writer today, so I will be taking a few minutes here. I have a whole bunch of things I need to tell you yesterday that I wanted to get out. The last time I spoke with you, I wrote about a lot of my things. So, here it is. I'm on my way to you, sir. Calum: Calum: Did you get anything from me last time? Calum: Oh, I got home, an' my mother goes to bed. She's a good cat. She gets to know me, gets to know my mother. She's my mom, but she's not my father, but she loves me. She's a good person. Back home, I've been getting to know Calum. I've been dating Calum and Calum and always talking to her. She's a really smart girl, and I think she'll be really happy with me eventually. I know she's probably not, but I think it will work out OK. Calum: She's a really intelligent girl. Calum: I know. Do you know? Calum: I know. How are you like Calum, Calum? Calum: It's like her. Calum:

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