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Item #: SCP-175

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-175 and all O5-level staff are to be under constant surveillance to ensure that theyhouse SCP-175's potential effects, which include but are not limited to psychological and physiological distortions related to itsindividuality.

Any and all individuals affected by SCP-175's effects are to be administered Class-A amnestics. Any personnel who wish to access O5-level information about SCP-175 are to be informed that they do not possess sufficient clearance to disclose any information pertaining to SCP-175. Should this information be leaked, Foundation assets from the Monitoring Task Forces will be stationed at the location for the information, and include them in the O5-level personnel database.

Description: SCP-175 resembles an ordinary three-year-old white baby doll with a blue face. SCP-175's anomalous properties do not manifest unless the Foundation designates a specific PTA. SCP-175 is capable of undergoing up to three years of developmental time before showing signs of alteration, in which it is of a different color, with some markings showing off different types of recesses.

On the back of SCP-175 is written over the top a message, in blue pen, saying "Secret CURRENT! PTA! . . . TRUE! SINY! FOX! XX."

SCP-175's active personality features a variety of personality traits and characteristics. SCP-175's personality is mostly humanoid in traits; the majority of SCP-175's dysphoria comes from its inability to make friends with other children. It has been featured in several movies not based on children's films, including Pirates Of Penzance (1991), Disney's Poirot (1998), and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (2001).

Addendum 175-A: SCP-175's Extra-terrestrial Origin

[PROGRESS: In Foundation possession]

When an O5 announces the SCP Foundation's plans to clone SCP-175, he will temporarily broadcast a message, and refer to the "Secret CURRENT!" PTA.

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