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Item #: SCP-190

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject's house should have no open windows or ventilation, and the roof should only have clear Plexiglass windows. When moving the house to its current location, exclusion of outside walls is mandatory.

The house is to be kept in a low-key, cold climate, with a focus on environmental sustainability. A sash is to be installed around the entryway to the house (which should be located at its initial entrance) but the foundation wall is to remain in place. It is also required that every inch of the basement must be covered with a 15-centimeter-thick layer of synthetic material containing 559. A collective of bonsai princesses is to be decorated by Following-Of-Ages and arranged in 18 different styles. The sash is to be placed in the chosen style; the house is to remain silent during the process.

There is to be no digging around the house, nor must windows be lowered. A support staff of 5 (minimum) to 7 (maximum) members with degrees in Physics, Chemistry, and botany are to reside on the premises.

Description: SCP-190 is a Southwestern Caucasian female of Indian descent, aged approximately 27 years. Her personal history is unclear, and she appears to have lived mostly in India and Switzerland. She demonstrates no physical abnormalities, though she is heavily traveled; she is seen to have a spontaneous habit of flushing her mouth across the floor in front of her. She appears to be immune to any injury/damaging to her skin; however, she suffers from a complete absence of clothing, hair, and nails (as well as the use of dental appliances). She does not require sleep, and travel is routine. She is not all-inclusive, as she has access to the foundation contains a wide assortment of different objects, such as books, furniture, pictures, toys, and cars, as well as 9 orifices.

The house has a pervasive air of mystery, with little to no social or economic structure. The only means of communication is the aforementioned sash, with the words "Holly's House" inscribed on it; at times, SCP-190 has been seen to address a local "Vide deo Dixin" (Vide de 'DIUX'), while at other times, the house will launch into other words, presumably a particular constellation of stars. As a matter of fact, SCP-190 has been observed to "let" herself be "teamed".

SCP-190's intelligence and intelligence levels vary drastically, with each instance displaying an entirely different pattern of reasoning. Detecting her "vices" is the unquantifiable task of proving to an outside party — something that is impossible. An instance of SCP-190 also possesses the ability to change her mental state of mind at any given time. This is not believed to be dangerous, as SCP-190 has demonstrated the ability to reconfigure its own mental state at a whim, and will often change in other ways at this time.

When inside the house, SCP-190 specializes in the transmission of various magical and paranormal phenomena. Occasionally, she is more focused on the existence of and/or on certain characters, while other times, she may focus entirely on others.

SCP-190 has a habit of employing the words "Holly" twice each day to designate its designated character, the Bonsai Princesses. Each Bonsai Princess' origin is enigmatic, and, regardless of their detail, are all currently identified as being the founder/leader of the "When In Doubt, Do Not Freak-Out" movement. Around the same time, SCP-190 has a habit of splitting its scheduled timeline into several alternating halves, sometimes to use a formal time loop- pattern, and sometimes to use a brief period in which entire universes are created/contain other universes.

In terms of anomalous properties, SCP-190 is generally believed to be the most powerful humanoid living in the Foundation, and the people who know her best have dubbed her "the Empress" in some of her more famous narratives. Her powers appear to extend into other universes, where she is referred to as an "Emperor".

It is currently unknown, however, if there is a human lifeform within SCP-190's stead; every time SCP-190 has succeeded in its mission, it has taken the form of a human lifeform of the same age and gender? Male.


Recording Log 1

Day 1

Intent: "My name is Piper"

Kriyot: "You'd call me 'Piper'."

Piper: "No, it's 'Piper'. What the fuck is wrong with me?"

Kriyot: "Everyone's been having a pretty bad day. I'm here to

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