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Item #: SCP-189

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-189 is not to be removed from containment facilities and is to not be stored, stored, or subjected to testing. Foundation personnel tasked with testing it are to be reprimanded.

Description: SCP-189 is a spherical object with a diameter of 2.37 meters. Its anomalous properties have been described as "immersive" and "nearly impossible to study beneath Foundation containment procedures". In its anomalous state, SCP-189's surface affects the way in which objects are viewed.

If viewed at a distance of less than 75 meters, SCP-189 is unable to produce its anomalous effect. If viewed at a distance greater than 75 meters, however, the anomalous effect will manifest in a 1% level reduction of the retina. Testing has shown that the anomaly disappears if a distance of at least 75 meters is traveled by SCP-189's effect.

Addendum 189-A: In light of SCP-189's anomalous properties, it has been placed within a 10km radius of Site-██. The object is to be kept within this radius to prevent accidental containment breach.


1. Environmental quality control monitors have shown that the area of effect extends out to the maximum distance receiver sensors can detect.

2. Site-██ is located on the northeastern coast of the Central American coast of Panama.

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