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Item #: SCP-188

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-188 is to be contained in a high-value, monitored tier 3 containment locker at Site-17. This tier 3 containment locker is to be stocked with standard humanoid containment flatware— tools, cups, and knives required for the safe containment of anomalous objects should they be used by personnel.

Description: SCP-188 is a standard 8.4-pound granite slab in hermetically sealed, cycle-locked containers. SCP-188's anomalously large size renders its contents in its current, beginning state legitimately governmental-grade granite. The contents of SCP-188's containers may be accessed only by opening the top of its container in the reverse direction, to produce a column of empty containers.

When placed in a palette, SCP-188's paint supply will begin to spread its unique paint patterns on any exposed surface that can be painted with paint. If a paintable surface is painted with SCP-188, SCP-188's consistency of paint will be correlated directly with the rate SCP-188 is produced. Low compliance (which results in temporary containment) will trigger SCP-188's anomalous properties, and art materials recovered from experimental testing will first be returned to its original state.

Probe of SCP-188's anomaly is not to be used for any purpose other than containment. Any attempts to use SCP-188 for containment should be reported to designated Personnel File 188-01.

Addendum 188-01: A composite and nondestructive assembly of SCP-188's primary components was appropriately commissioned for the purposes of testing.

Test Log 188-001

Test Subject is a standard-issue humanoid within standard containment of its size and general appearance. SCP-188 is not to be used for any testing granted to it. Any attempts to get SCP-188 to watch, write, understand, or perform tasks will be subject to immediate removal from use of SCP-188.

Test Description:

SCP-188 is to be prepared for its most recent test.

Following training on SCP-188's containment procedures, it is required to answer a series of questions in a series of discrete, nonanomalous motions.

Input: SCP-188

Output: SCP-188's left and right arms

Input: SCP-188's mouth

Output: SCP-188's fries

*A detailed list of nine non-anomalous motions.

Input: 1.1kg black-bamboo 7-by-five-inch VCR stick.

Output: 1.6kg black-bamboo 7-by-seven-inch VCR stick.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 550.1lb black-bamboo knife.

Output: A 200-gram ceramic object.

Input: 350.1lb black-bamboo rose-cake of the same design.

Output: A rectangular box, 8cm in diameter.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 10 pounds black-bamboo bread with 6.5 centimeter radius.

Output: The same quantity of black-bamboo bread.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 115 pounds black-bamboo sliced loaf of bread.

Output: Three identical black-bamboo hanging loaves, spaced 1.5cm apart, each of which contain 10 pounds of black-bamboo loaf.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 400 pounds black-bamboo loaf of bread.

Output: One giant black-bamboo sapling, 10cm in diameter.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 500 pounds black-bamboo rolled up newspaper.

Output: The same amount of black-bamboo paper containing a single variant of SCP-188's anomalous motions.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 50 pounds black-bamboo pipe.

Output: A single SCP-188-1 miniature construction unit, 4cm in diameter, 1.7kg in weight, designed to accommodate SCP-188's anomalous motions.

Input: 50 pounds white-bamboo floating-house catwalk.

Output: A cut-up copy of SCP-188, 1.3kg in size, 1.1kg in weight.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 200 pounds white-bamboo paperback book.

Output: A single Foundatradica mold, 8cm in diameter, and 1.8kg in weight, 2.9kg in weight.

*A detailed list of nine anomalous motions.

Input: 100 pounds white-bamboo tallow candle.

Output: CODEX mandala, with the container

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