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Item #: SCP-192

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All security cameras are to be operated by Level 4 personnel*

Description: SCP-192 is a 16-year-old Caucasian male of foreign descent who speaks with a northern Scottish accent. Both SCP-192 and his parents who told SCP-192's family story of their recent birthday were found living in Edinburgh, Scotland, despite the above-mentioned lack of any family in Scotland. SCP-192's parents are in the late stages of senility and will likely die within a year of his birth (see Incident 1192-A: Humanoid Antimemetics Containment Breach). SCP-192's parents and siblings are all deceased.

SCP-192 was produced from a "special anomalous mutation" of London sewage during a 1906 outbreak of typhoid fever; SCP-192 is the only known instance of the mutation, in addition to the standard left-handed mutant of London. SCP-192 is a polymorphic phenomenon, physically identical to SCP-192's parent line, except allowing her to be in an extreme state of uterine or reproductive infertility. SCP-192 has the ability to become a fertile female lifeform through anomalous means; SCP-192's "genes" are anamorphous, with growth attempting to transcribe changes to her fertility closely following the sequence of her chromosomes.

SCP-192's anomalous properties affect the nucleotides of DNA and RNA, causing altered proteins to enter the nucleus. The anomalous actions of this change will continue to be visible, even when SCP-192's nucleotides are off. Anomalous biochemistry of DNA is unknown.

When an organism's nucleus is disabled, an excessive amount of nucleotides enter the DNA of the organism prior to rupture; to compensate for this, metabolism and growth of the organism will also slowed. DNA damage increases the likelihood that SCP-192's nucleus will also be damaged.

SCP-192 is capable of "transplaining" genetic material into her own genome. This process is not sensitive to the immediate effects of SCP-192's mutation, and inflicts severe mental instability. The process will continue, even if the effects of SCP-192's mutation have ceased.

Discovery: SCP-192 was discovered on 8 September, 1906, alleging a "Great Purloined Disease" epidemic in the Magdalen Skrunderrerows. It was found in the home of James ██████ Nixon, at the time haunted by the death of his mother. Theories about the disease spread through the local populace of the borough alongside the evidence of the anomalous mutation in her child, and would later be discovered by the Foundation.

For additional information about SCP-192, click here.

Incident 1192-A: Humanoid Antimemetics Containment Breach

Incident: At approximately 00:00 on 04/04/19██, a breach occurred at Site-17 in Site-██ District. During a routine sweep of the home, Guidelines Agent ███████ accidentally came across the corpse of SCP-192, which possessed a low-grade pink fluorescence on its skin. After its autopsy, Hunter D. Lee Laboratories confirmed that SCP-192█ had been "transduced" into a human genome using SCP-192's anomalous mutation.


Exploration Log: SCP-192-7


Kimura (original)



Manager: Dr. Padarson



It's hard to explain. The Foundation is just as informed as the rest of you, and we know very well that truth and strength and truthfulness are losing all their meanings and fragility through the use of anomalous means. Sure, it's a price to pay. But I don't believe you should be able to really understand your place in the situation, and frankly, it puts the responsibility on you. I'm sure you've seen the Terminal before.

Whatever does, I will say that it is something that we're all aware of. The rest of you just don't know it. You'll have to decide for yourself whether you want to believe me.


It was a simple place, but we couldn't ignore human nature. Easy and quick. The Foundation was here to protect us, and that was all we needed to do. Nobody in the Foundation knew the number of humans, for best and for worst. You didn't need to know the number of of a protected guard. The Foundation didn't know the location of the Library. The Foundation couldn't know the Foundation, and the Foundation was a safe place. All it needed to do was destroy.

But it couldn't do anything without warning. The plan was never to destroy. Worse,

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