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Item #: SCP-193

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-193-A is currently stored inside the confines of the self-destructing containment cell at Site-87. SCP-193-A is not to be moved or replaced except for testing purposes. SCP-193-A is to be kept for containment purposes.

Description: SCP-193-A is a rectangular cylindrical unit in the shape of a standard Rolex. It is opaque to all wavelengths, and has a dial at the bottom resembling the movement of the hands and wrists, while the hands themselves are generally seen to be composed of plastic. The dial is of solid glass, and when touched by a human will automatically switch from its crystal to the glass of SCP-193.

SCP-193-A was discovered on 01/28/86 while an Antarctica expedition was conducting a field site survey which indicated the presence of an undiscovered lake, and in subsequent years SCP-193-A was discovered to be near a lake in Antarctica, which led to the discovery of SCP-193-A.

SCP-193-A is the subject of a ritual intended to pan-earth, and will slowly release its anomalous properties upon completion. This ritual was initiated by a 3rd party (D-050909, D-251336) on the expedition of SCP-1922. The exact location of the ritual is as follows:

•D-050909 enters SCP-1922.

•D-251336 makes a choice.

•D-049053 is brought back to SCP-1922.

•D-251336 is placed inside SCP-1922.

•D-025467 is placed inside SCP-1922 and given new memories.

•D-251336 builds a statue.

D-050909 is then instructed to make a statue, which will be placed inside SCP-1922. After D-050909 has completed the construction, it will make a statue of D-025467.

One day, in the middle of their pan-earth project, D-251336 will become autistic. Further research revealed that D-025467 was part of D-050909's family for up to 16 years, with their parents having adopted them. As of the time of writing, D-251336 finds that there is a museum built around the family's comfortable mansion, and considers it her childhood home.

SCP-193-B and SCP-193-A could be classified as a Keter that the Foundation would have to contain (under the same conditions as SCP-193-B). SCP-193-B is a completely isolated material, containing inside most of the Foundation's anomalous containment procedures, and has no other anomalous properties except for its anomalous properties. SCP-193-B is in the possession of the Shrungson Clan of the Louisiana hou Cults, who have built a cottage adjacent to SCP-193-B's actual geniospaciton.

SCP-193-E and SCP-193-B have a common goal. SCP-193-E is SCP-193-A. SCP-193-B is SCP-193-B for both. SCP-193-E has full control of SCP-193-D's anomalous properties, and SCP-193-B has full control of the forces that affect it. SCP-193-E's anomalous abilities alternate between being turned on and off by the sun, switching from not being active around the clock to active at all times.

SCP-193-E and SCP-193-B are the only two people with access to SCP-193's containment procedures.

Addendum: SCP-193 was discovered in the permanent collection of Louisiana's H.C. "White Man's Burden" White Man's Burden Museum. It was originally found in the museum when it was the chief curator of a different exhibit. When D-2344 died, SCP-193-E was the sole curator of SCP-193. The next owner of SCP-193 was retrieved after the museum was purchased by N-3148 within SCP-193's containment unit.

Addendum: SCP-193 was discovered in the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum. It was originally found in the museum as a gift to the Louvre's curator in 1958, but only came to the museum in 2009, when the museum was discovered to have its own SCP-193. When D-2344 died in 2012, SCP-193-E was the sole curator of SCP-193.

Addendum: SCP-193 was discovered in the permanent collection of the New York City Museum. It was originally found in the museum as a gift to the showman of the New York City's lead to bronze exhibition. When D-2344 died in 2013, SCP-193-

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