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Item #: SCP-194

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-194 is to be contained at Site-███'S Containment Wing. All doors to and from SCP-194's containment wing may be opened by security personnel; however, only Level 4 clearance or higher may access SCP-194. Upon entering SCP-194's containment wing, security personnel are to perform a sweep of the containment wing of SCP-194, and the nearest unrestrained employees are to be let inside SCP-194's containment wing until it is possible. SCP-194 is to be fed your bloody book and beer twice a day; any food provided to SCP-194 outside of testing is to be incinerated. Once every three months, each of the tests in SCP-194's containment wing are to be found in the Research and Containment Wing. All testing in SCP-194's containment wing is to be classified as SCP-194: formal and/or classified requests for personnel to access SCP-194 are to be denied.

Description: SCP-194 is a human of unidentified gender and age. The appearance of SCP-194 is identical to a typical human except that the perspiration and/or sweat left behind in SCP-194's skin is similar in coloration to green grapes. No matter the type of red, orange, or violet dye used in SCP-194's skin pigment, SCP-194 is always covered in green and blue paint. Additionally, SCP-194 bears similarity to an equally knowledgeable male in his 25's of Irish descent. SCP-194's anomalous properties manifest at about the same time each morning, when SCP-194 crosses the threshold between 9 AM and 0 PM and takes the required amount of time to make sure nothing unusual happens.

During this time, SCP-194's thirst and stick of fat taken to the mouth in preparation for the morning will develop into something resembling a rich, red-hot wax candle. This candle, designated SCP-194-2, has a layer of wax placed over the top. This wax will reach its peaks around the same time SCP-194 enters its chamber. SCP-194 will, during this time, take her customary drink of beer, and a cup of coffee to calm it down.

SCP-194 does not appear to show any preference towards one particular foods, and generally will choose any food with ingredients similar to those in the standard American-style breakfast cereal box. SCP-194 will generally only convert diet cereal, according to criteria established by Foundation food composition department Michael Halter.

SCP-194 also has a self-insert cellphone. This device has been known to have a 1.6-gallon capacity of normal size, but otherwise matches the frequency of standard cell phones. However, this device is markedly better-than-normal in security data. It is transmitted using a famous library book called Super-Fast First Look in the Library—Class-D personnel have reported seeing anomalous information in the text of this book before.

SCP-194 is also known to possess an affinity toward the artwork of Jules Verne, with particular fondness for his Automanicia piece, The Prince of Denmark.

SCP-194's bathroom is located on the second floor of its containment wing. SCP-194's containment wing contains a bathroom unlocked from the outside, and only requires that a security personnel be present inside. SCP-194 refers to the area as her containment wing at all times, completely enclosing herself inside at all times.

In case SCP-194's containment wing is destroyed during an uprising, SCP-194 is to be sent to Site-███'S Research and Containment Wing and rebuilt normally, and SCP-194 is to be allowed access to this room for normal usage.

In case SCP-194's containment wing is destroyed during an uprising, SCP-194 is to be placed with the other humanoid containment wing at different locations. In the case that SCP-194's containment wing is destroyed during an uprising, it is to be rebuilt at all time.

Update: SCP-194 has been returned to its containment chamber.

Discussion for this project, an on-site intervention that is based on volunteers. Contact O5-4 in case you have received the green light from him?!

Description: SCP-194 is a humanoid of Irish descent, believed to be the offspring of a female and a male. It is constructed entirely from SCP-194's skin, breast, and skin, making it almost identical to the skin of a human. No effect on human or local cultures.

SCP-194 is able to procreate, and claimed to be the first person to ever invent method to do so. Due to public reaction, SCP-194 has not been for sale, and even less of SCP-194's personality is contained.

At the time of writing, SCP-194 will have two children.

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