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Item #: SCP-196

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-196 is to be kept in a designated Safe-class container within Vault V, and is contained within a five meter by five meter containment unit. Testing is to be carried out with a live animal subject in the testing chamber. All testing is to take place in order to test the safety of the container. Any instances of SCP-196 are to be removed from the outside of the containment unit.

Any personnel not wearing Level-1 hazmat suits are to be directed to exit the testing chamber.

Description: SCP-196 is a miniature beach ball, approximately 200mm in diameter, primarily composed of ant-reducing plastic. It is made with a combination of durable and flexible plastics that, when applied, can be molded into similar objects for testing. Constructed from chemical-resistant ant-reducing plastic, SCP-196 will stick to any surfaces that can absorb some of the wear of normal sand. SCP-196 also absorbs the salt in the water, although the object will stick to salt-exchange bowls.

SCP-196's anomalous properties manifest when it is stretched widely (up to a diameter of nearly six meters) by at least ten, random, humanoid "players." The cabinetry of this recorder is of interest as a tool for mimicking the sound being made on the shore.

The instances of SCP-196-A are capable of obeying commands given to them, though they tend to pull themselves off chairs to become uncomfortable. A single instance of SCP-196-A is known to be able to provide an order in response to a question about the location of three small islands and a single large island in the Atlantic Ocean. The order that SCP-196-A will complete is unknown.

Participants in a game programmed to respond to the presence of SCP-196-A must either have a level-1 hazmat suit or be in the immediate vicinity of SCP-196-A. Additionally, the game's paratech is to be kept in a sealed container. Any personnel or objects should not be placed within the center of the game.

The game's in-universe antagonist is referred to as "Adrian the Great." SCP-196-A will only interact with SCP-196-A for its own purposes.

Transcript of interviews of Adrian and other players:


Agent Adrian: Can you please describe Adrian the Great?

Flee When You Say No

Adrian: Adrian, in the many years and decades of playing the game, you have developed a sort of ivory soul. This ivory soulI have it and have it. I can see it all over the rooms and the teammates and the mascots. I can see how they move and react and at the end, I can do something.

Agent Adrian: What else do you see?

Adrian: I see the stars at the very bottom of the ocean. I see the ocean and the islands and the animals. I see the explosions of my brother's and the spirits of the ocean. I see the forest and the forests and caves and wonderland and the endless tunnels and meadows and the endless lakes and the endless rivers.

Agent Adrian: Do you like the game?

Adrian: I do. I love the game. I can't forget, it was a wonderful game. It taught me so much about friendship and family and good manners and where I stood and what I was, and it taught me so much about what it means to be son of the earth. I can't believe I've even survived. I have a witch's life and I have a father's life and I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I'm alone and I have friends and that's all. I'm all alone but I have the support of the game. God and nature and the seeds they say to bring me out of this emptiness. I can find new friends.

Agent Adrian: Are you able to leave the game now? Are you permitted all kinds of things?

Adrian: I think it is a game, and games are for thinking people. They don't have to settle for being family and friends. That's not the case here. If they do want their hand taken over then they must ask for permission. I don't know if it will work, but they should try. If it works, they can ask for it again.

Agent Adrian: Do you consider yourself to have been brought out of this state by either the end or the beginning?

Adrian: No, not at all. I have been given a little bit of power over me, as some people told me. My power, in this state, will be in my control. I am the current speed of my mind, and I am able to focus. I have a tough time

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