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Item #: SCP-197

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A copy of SCP-197 is permanently stationed on the desk of Dr. ██████'s office. Documents on SCP-197 are stored on separate drives, each with a unique folder containing one copy of SCP-197. These drives are to be labeled with a photograph of SCP-197. Any revisions in the containment procedures are to be discussed with Dr. ██████.

Description: SCP-197 resembles a Gaslight painting in a style reminiscent of the early twentieth century. SCP-197 is capable of producing a variety of visible and non-visible color alterations within its borders, all of which have been consistent in their appearance for each SCP-197 instance since its containment.

The number of SCP-197 instances has increased at a rate of approximately 2.2 per month since Incident 197-A in which the SCP-197 instance was removed from containment. SCP-197 instances are capable of performing all incantations written by contemporary scholars of the 20th century.

Additionally, SCP-197 instances can produce projects of an artistic nature . These projects take the form of paintings, sculptures, and sculptures, in which the original works appear to have died out in the surface. The various SCP-197 instances currently in containment have been able to produce these projects:

•A Giant's Head, 18██

•A Man of Clay, 18██

•A Mouse, 18██

•A Rat's Nest, 18██

•A Wonder, 18██

•An Eye Without an Eye, 18██

•Hallelujah, 18██

•Mystery Dust, 18██

•The Tower of Babel, 18██

•Hurricane, 18██

•The Earth Cleaves to the Sea, 18██

•Mystery Dust II, 18██

•Zyn, 19██

•A Dream Come True, 19██

•Ragnarok, 20██

•The Man in Black, 20██

•D-6982, 20██

•A Shattered Heart, 20██

•The Nightmare Returns, 20██

•The Dead Stage, 20██

•The Chosen Few, 20██

•The Impulse, 20██

•The League of Their Own, 20██

•Cap'n Jazz, 20██

•Freaky Commodities, 20██

•The Outsiders, 20██

•A Century of Purge, 20██

•Universal Occultation, 20██

•The King of Spades, 20██

•Bite My Brain, 20██

•Project Proposal 04, 20██

•Conquers of the Heart, 20██

•Morphine Machine, 20██

•Guns Pointed at the Head of God, 20██

•The Church of Fire and Forgetme, 20██

•Tesla's Curse, 20██

•The White Whale, 20██

•Death Wish, 20██

•Sophia Light, 20██

•Reap What You Sew, 20██

•The Red Zone, 20██

•Amnesiac, 20██

•Ragnarok, 20██

•The Dukes of Ham, 20██

•Le Cap-Le Bleu, 20██

•Only God Knows, 20██

•Epsilon, 20██

•Bees, 20██

•Enter Sandman, 20██

•Nucleation, 20██

•_Slumbering_Lizard, 20██

•Solitude, 20██

•A Quiet Madness, 20██

SCP-197 instances will display a preference for the brand of paint used in projects containing examples of SCP-197. This preference varies from instance to instance, with instances often choosing paint made of acrylic.

Addendum 197-A: SCP-197's anomalous ability was discovered after a Foundation webcrawler found a page for a painting titled "A Giant's Head, 18██." The page contained the following:

•The Duchy of Durritos

•Barry Williams

•The City of Naples

•The Clock Tower

•The Hag of Fire and Ice

•The Admirals

•Ronald Reagan

•Back in Habit

•A Dream Come True


•The Hellbound

•Number 23

•Home is Where They Kept Their Copies

•A Quiet Madness


•The Circle

•A Time to Die


•Ants in the Air

•Deus Vulture


•The Ballad of Santa Troy

•The Outsiders

•The Ballad of Santa Troy


•The Conjuring of Cole

•A Hand to Keep

•The Wayward Children

•The Searchlight

•He saw the light, and he knew he was going to

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