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Item #: SCP-200

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All of ██████ (███████, "the Mother") is to be kept in the Site-██ archeological archive in secure storage. All technology relating to SCP-200 is to be kept by a tracking device and implanted at the bottom of the main entrance of the cavern. Additionally, all unauthorized personnel who arrive at the cavern under any circumstances are to be escorted out by armed guards.

Should the Mother ever be captured by an individual or class of personnel, matter of shouldn't be involved with any attempts to retrieve her. If the Mother is captured by an individual or class of personnel, matter of shouldn't be involved with any attempts to retrieve her.

Description: SCP-200 is the designation given to a deep-sea cavern in the New Northern Atlantic Ocean. It is home to a subterranean entity, the Mother, who appears to be a human of slightly Caucasian in age. She is 5 meters or taller, with sloping shoulders and an overall frame not unlike that of a standard human. She does not have facial features that would be considered distinctive (such as eyes, hair, lips, and nose), and her eyes are opaque. The Mother's vocalizations differ markedly from any other sentient being, even within normal parameters.

Though subject to normal conditions of her surroundings, the Mother will occasionally speak to the entire cavern. Her words are indistinguishable from any other spoken human, and her words have shaped character traits, personality traits, and emotional sensations to the point of breaking many of the subject's ability to process sounds of any kind. The Mother will say:

" 'To our fellow Museum of Natural History visitors, my friends and my attendants, in the celebration of the Museum's 180th anniversary, I give you the fantastic gift of the greatest of gifts: the Great Library. And in the spirit of these gifts, I remind you that you are not required to read each page. And this is not your first time to learn about the history of Earth. You must prove your devotion to the Museum by completing my Great Library's weeklong Hub, where I show you the wonders of the Library in our time. And after these weeks, you must come home and read this place once more. Perhaps even more special for today's festivities. Your thoughts on the Great Library? Don't worry, it's sure to be a spooky surprise once the artifact retrieval is complete. It is my wish to give you a godly treasure storage spot for your home and family. You must bring your own books for the Great Library. You are welcome to bring your own books now, if they are not, however, dangerous to the Foundation. As I am well aware, for Your Eternity is the Great Library, the Great Library gives the care of the Mother's Library. And here you will I will provide the most precious gift of all, a closed book, which will always keep us on the path of true understanding. But first, you must understand the Mother. I will not give away the secret of Your Eternity. Even if you are not as powerful as I, I will reveal it to you at some point. You are only young enough to understand if you are willing to learn. Do that, for now, and keep me on my word."

The Mother will then use the word "spooky" in the context of consoling her. The Mother's words will correspond to any kind of religious message, either taken from the Outer and Inner Heavens and/or the Earth, and a number of other texts/experiments.

The Mother has appeared in the cavern for several thousand years, although only recently has she contacted the Foundation. During a time when the Mother communicated with the Foundation via the Great Library, the Mother was captured by the Foundation and returned to the Mother's Cavern. The Mother had several reports placed on the Great Library catalog steadily for far longer in both the correspondence and the requirements for the catalog. It is not always possible to obtain the information for those reports, but it is possible to get the author information needed to reconstruct the events that took place. The Mother had her word included in the catalogs, though in many cases only the details of the subject matter would be included.

As of ████/██/██, the Mother has been determined to be free as long as the procedures that is required for her return to the Great Library are permitted. The Mother is currently using a hidden signal to communicate with the Foundation, but a remote control device dedicated to send messages to and from her has been implanted into the cavern. The Mother is also using an that she was given by Ezekiel, the Elder (Phoenix, "the Ancient", "the Great Architect", "the Ancient") to communicate with the Foundation.

The Mother will respond to the following messages:

"The Great Library is free. Unfettered for all. Come on as I see the

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