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Item #: SCP-201

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-201 is currently contained on-site in a standard humanoid containment cell, with a full-body isolation capsule fitted over each keystone. SCP-201 is to be kept in a secure safe-locker in Site-███, with a safe-installation keycard accessible only by the current O5 Council. Foundation personnel in possession of SCP-201 are to be monitored at all times, via radio lockers, cameras, and sound-proofing. All personnel embedded with Foundation personnel are to be secured to the containment unit for long-term observation, and for containment purposes, with direct contact with SCP-201 forbidden.

Description: SCP-201 is a humanoid figure wearing a white lab coat, and female humanoid accessories. It is currently believed to be the only known instance of SCP-201, and is known to spontaneously manifest during its appearance. The figure appears to be humanoid, with some human coloring often present on human faces. SCP-201 is able to make conceptual connections between spatial and temporal anomalies, and can of course act as a means of uncovering limited information related to the anomalous objects in its containment.

SCP-201 can communicate in a mechanical, robotic, and friendly manner, although this has not entirely been learned. SCP-201 was anomalous for extremely long periods of time, after the Foundation first publicized the existence of the anomalous objects contained within SCP-201, and immediately began the extensive containment of them.

SCP-201 has not appeared in its containment unit, and has not received any orders from the O5 Council. SCP-201 did not find the O5 Council, and has not been shown to request any services from them. All attempts to contact SCP-201 have failed, due to inconsistencies in the O5 Council.

Addendum 201-A: Incident 201-1

On ██/██/████, SCP-201 was discovered at Site-███, which had been working on a multipurpose nuclear device. Several instances of SCP-201 were found within Site-███, in a similar condition to the rest of Site-███. Several alarms reportedly alerted the central staff that the anomaly was coming. After an investigation, the anomalous object was discovered: SCP-201 was contained by site security. A containment unit was added to SCP-201's containment chamber, and SCP-201 was escorted on-site with protective equipment.

Addendum 201-B: SCP-201 appeared somewhat differently in containment. Several scientifically-literate instances of SCP-201 are kept within a portable ensuite research center, made up of various removable glass prototypes, probably intended to measure the effects of prolonged exposure to SCP-201. This research center is made entirely of glass, and is -4 kilometers from the Foundation's containment site. Currently, SCP-201 is kept in this glass research center, along with a variety of mechanical and digital devices. A total of three glass prototype instances are in containment, though apparently only one is required for containment.

Addendum 201-C: Interviews with SCP-201 have resulted in a number of interesting results, first and foremost. Applicable to SCP-201's mother was a former employee of the Foundation's own HR department. This employee came under SCP-201's observation as a client, ultimately providing a little input into its original responses. This information was somewhat of a help, however, and was collated before he quit his job.

SCP-201 was able to communicate extensively with SCP-301 over the course of three hours. After three hours, SCP-301 seemed to be able to speak directly to SCP-201. SCP-201 spoke very little after that point, leaving the same lines of questioning in its pockets.

The lyrics of SCP-201's lyrics have also become well-known, with copies of them available in libraries across the world.

Addendum 201-D: Conceptual Conclusion

Test Series Description

Test 201-A: See attached transcript.

Test 201-B: See attached transcript.

Test 201-C: See attached transcript.

Name: Dr. G████

Idea: How to Write a Technical Explanation

Result: SCP-201's reasoning of containment revelations was basically "you know how that is, why not give it a try."

Report: The containment is a good idea in all respects, but it has a flaw: Even though the containment's logical result could be the reverse of the original containment's result, it is still within the original containment's limits. This is why it is so difficult to actually express exactly how good containment is.

Test 201-C: See attached transcript.

Result: SCP-201's initial containment of SCP-301's anomalous effect was a mistake. That's not to say that containment is a bad thing, but in this case, I see

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