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Item #: SCP-203

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Insertion of SCP-203 the subject is to be carried out in a sealed container of solid metal. Avoid insertion into SCP-203's subject unless the subject is coated with a 1-layer ABS material.

Description: SCP-203 is a 3-story flat located above a large warehouse in ██████ ██████ ████████. SCP-203's interior is a small banquet facility, with inside of the restaurant a large wooden table to host the following two actors. Due to the shape and size of SCP-203 and entertainment of the actors attached to it, the event should take place under the assumption of a grid layout. All actors must be dressed in black that matches the total amount of SCP-203's mass.

During any contracted entertainment, each actor will be able to choose any song from a long list of songs, and use those songs to express their feelings. Any performer wishing to perform any song must arrive at the various stage to read from the list. During entertainment, performers will be able to interrupt the lyrics to urge other performers to perform the song.

A single event will occur on October 10, 2018. The date of the first and last act will be designated SCP-203-01, with the last act to be recorded as SCP-203-02. Each act will be played, except on the night of October 10, 2018, where each act will occur on a different day.

Events are graded from 0 to 27, with any events below 0 resulting in a 0- to 26-class scuffle, and any higher-scuffle events resulting in a 26- to 39-class scuffle. In addition, acts outside of a 25- or 0-class scuffle received a negative grade. No act may be performed as a technique to draw out a breach of SCP-203 until the following year. Any acts performed during this time will be deemed as SCPs for the next year, regardless of reported or actual behavior.

Any performer attending the event to which SCP-203 is attached will be required to wear a full body suit of metal. The suit will also be required to contain any bodily fluids. All exposed performers will be required to wear a camera with a High-Resolution Multi-Viewer Inside; this camera will record all actions taken by the performers and the decisions made by the actors in the event.

The production team and director of SCP-203 will themselves wear a minimum of one's own personal body suit of metal, with metal casing replacements for all other personnel. SCP-203-01 to -07 will be a private event, but not all performers will be allowed access to SCP-203. Any performers below 0 will not show up on SCP-203's breach list, and will instead be redirected to SCPs. If an SCP-203 breach occurs, those performing it will be required to report immediately to SCP-203 for medical assessment and debrief. Any personnel who have been affected by SCP-203 will be required to be debriefed immediately upon cessation of exposure to SCP-203.

SCP-203 can display a scuffle, or to do the event in an ordinary fashion. Scratching or scratching does not affect SCP-203, as the track he or she is hearing is identical to the track on which it is positioned during its performance.

Note:- A temporary containment site has been constructed around SCP-203 to monitor the scenario for the next year. The site consists of a large warehouse, a large metal cage, and a large metal door. The door has a large glass door for access to SCP-203, and a retractable metal sign, through which containment teams may access SCP-203 for correction of the SCP-203's containment breach.

Incident 203-01: On January 18th, 2018, SCP-204 was discovered in ██████████, Taos, when one of its emotions, not ejected from its containment cell, was used to stop SCP-203 from obtaining information from a breach of containment. SCP-204 used this emotion to discover SCP-203-02. Due to the phenomenon's paradoxical nature, containment team discovered that SCP-203 was not following the expansion laws of containment. Foundation researchers discovered that SCP-203 was following its own expansion laws. Over the next 11 months, SCP-203 exposed itself to hundreds of SCPs and was prepared to launch an attack on any SCPs within close proximity. In the first 7 months, SCP-203 exposed itself to no SCPs, but instead allowed the latter to launch every 3 months.

SCP-203 continues to display an anomalous affect on any SCPs. For example, after the second breach of containment, the containment chamber itself, with the hospital , was identified as containing SCP-203. After ██

eight months of exposure, the containment chamber was terminated. No SCPs were found

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