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Item #: SCP-204

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-204 is to be kept in an item locker in the Site-██ Storage Wing. SCP-204-1 is to be stored in a safe at Site-██. SCP-204 cannot be placed directly in SCP-204-2, and should not be placed within SCP-204-2. SCP-204-1 is to be stored in a separate safe.

Description: SCP-204-1 is a wristwatch and necklace made of stainless steel and genuine silver. It has a factory warranty status, and is not to be taken out of containment or removed without noticing. Prior to discovery, there were detectable variations in the markings of SCP-204-1.

SCP-204-1's instance of SCP-204-2 is a recorded history of a worldwide first-world war event. The events included the following:

•August 7, 1914

•July 10, 1918

•October 7, 1935

SCP-204-1's events are marked with a series of stylized images of the German and Austro-German wars, some of which present the events in the company of SCP-204.

Following the end of the war, SCP-204-1's owner (designated SCP-204-1) recreated this history as a wide-scale replica of the First World War. All instances of SCP-204-1 have been tested for anomalous properties, and have been determined to be non-anomalous. According to SCP-204-1's personal account, SCP-204-1 suffered heavy makeup changes that remedied this issue too.

The Second World War is given a fixed date, and an official date of the end of the year. SCP-204-1's events will be referred to as the Second World War by a post-war government in England and Germany, and new events are resolved as new events are resolved.

SCP-204-1's SCP-204 events have been discovered to be anomalous in the sense that they are not currently known to have occurred. The source of these events, which has been believed to be an extraterrestrial influence, has yet to be realised.

SCP-204-1 currently holds a strong desire to become a war hero. Though SCP-204-1's affected events are inanimate, this desire is growing and has manifested in the template of a fictional character being put in a military situation.

Addendum 204-1: Prototypes

In the 1990s, SCP-204-1 was developed by the Foundation to break the Foundation's adherence to the Book of Apple Specialities.


Test 204-1

Results: SCP-204-1's events appear to be a set down template. SCP-204-1's isolation has resulted in significant improvement of SCP-204-1's memory. During Incident 204-A-2, SCP-204-1 has been able to recall SCP-204-1's date of birth, a Christian name, and its age. SCP-204-1 is capable of speaking in simple commands, but has trouble recognizing spoken language.

Date of Test

Separate Testing

Forewarning Point: 05:02

Result: Success. SCP-204-1's events appear to be a set. The base template served well until 05:30, when SCP-204-1 died of a heart attack. SCP-204-1's events were not considered to have occurred during Incident 204-A-2 or-

Forewarning Point: 05:42

Result: A face-down cube, standing at 4ft, appears and SCP-204-1's events are suspended. The events do not appear at all. It is unclear when SCP-204-1 began to die. SCP-204-1's events appear to have been invigorated by the reversal effect of manifesting SCP-204-1's old memories. SCP-204-1's events continued during Incident 204-A-2, but ceased after SCP-204-1's death.

Forewarning Point: 08:58

Result: SCP-204-1's events again link to a template. The events now include a German invasion of Poland, as well as a small army deployed to the Great Lakes. SCP-204-1's events are reversed after SCP-204-1's final death.

Forewarning Point: 10:37

Result: The events for SCP-204-1's model are identical to the ones used in the first containment procedure. SCP-204-1's events resume at 10:41. SCP-204-1's events resume at 10:41.

Forewarning Point: 12:28

Result: The events for SCP-204-1's Model 8 are identical to the events

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