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Item #: SCP-205

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Area-██ is currently used as a Foundation research facility for several notable anomalies and anomalies. It is staffed by Foundation researchers. SCP-205 is to be monitored by Foundation personnel during all phases of research. Any changes or events in SCP-205 are to be relayed to Site Director L██████████ and to O5-█. During testing, SCP-205's door, which cannot be unlocked, is to be sealed off and replaced with a windowed containment unit. No more than a small amount of an anomalous material may be dropped into SCP-205 beyond the threshold of 1150 D-class personnel. No more than 4 major anomalous objects may be dropped in SCP-205.

If an anomaly or anomaly instance is found outside of SCP-205, O5-8 will inform the O5 Council as soon as possible. The O5 Council may also ask or request that a Foundation containment site be established in SCP-205.

Description: SCP-205 is a high-rise building in Moscow, from which all anomalous activity must originate. The building has a basic layout, but there is no central staircase. As such, SCP-205 is located on the outskirts of Moscow. Object Class: Keter.

When any person enters SCP-205, a divine figure(s) appears in the space between them and the topmost floor of the building. The figure is centered nearly identical to an ordinary humanoid, and appears to be an exact impersonation of Tilda the Third grand duke of Portugal, who is presumed to be the Creator God of SCP-205. The figures are clearly identifiable as SCP-205, although the bas-reliefs on the side of the room that appears to be the number records their existence. The figures will accentuate the vocalizations and tone of the voice in which they speak. No anomalous effects have been noted with this structure in its infinitities.

The figures are accompanied by a female voice, identified as O5-8. Such individuals appear to speak directly to the human subjects. The voices of O5-8 have not been observed to alter the pronunciation of the words spoken or the text content of the page on which the figure is viewed. The most common models of the voice include the use of an unknown phoneme (which appears to be the phoneme for "s", "ts", and "tsu") as well as the use of a different, non-English-altered phoneme. For every 33,000 words, the O5 Council has attributed 17 different types of anomalous effect, such as altered sentences, altered text cuts, and other abnormalities.

SCP-205 is to be monitored by Foundation personnel during all phases of research, especially at the edge of SCP-205 and the vicinity of the Moscow subway.

Addendum 205-A: Incident

On ██/██/20██, SCP-205 came under investigation for anomalous activity. As of ██/██/20██, SCP-205 was found in its current containment unit and contained. The containment unit was indestructible, and could yield no anomalous abilities without the assistance of Foundation personnel. It is now of the Foundation's conviction that all anomalous activity is directed at the creation and consumption of anomalous items. All anomalous items which do not originate in SCP-205 are anomalous items of their own, and should be kept in their proper containment unit irrespective of location.

Addendum 205-B: Incident 205-1

On ██/██/20██, Foundation agents discovered a discrepancies between recorded anomalous activity and recorded anomalous objects in SCP-205. It was determined that SCP-205's anomalous effects emanate from its containment unit, and that its anomalous structures are located in the area of residence it shares with other anomalous objects. This led to the discovery of plans to create a small office complex within SCP-205, in addition to the new containment unit. Plans to relocate SCP-205 to another location had to be approved by O5-8. The plan allowed for the installation of several humanoid SCP-205 entities, and the sale of services to the Foundation.

In the wake of this discovery, Foundation personnel reported a manifestation of events most closely related to SCP-205's anomalous effects. Upon entering SCP-205's containment unit, a humanoid figure ('Tilda the Third') appeared. SCP-205 was disguised as a domestic pig, and gave internal information relating to the largest anomalous facility in the world. The figure was present and uniformly hostile to Foundation personnel, and would officially launch an assault on the containment unit if its containment unit was defeated. After a certain amount of time, the figure would be dragged into SCP-205's containment unit, and would then verbally explain SCP-205's anomalous functions.

Two days after

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