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Item #: SCP-206

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-206 is to be kept in a standard containment unit on-site, and is to be kept in a standard containment cell containing a standard containment unit. SCP-206 is not to be used for testing. Counseling sessions with SCP-206 before testing are to be held to prevent SCP-206 from being used for testing.

Description: SCP-206 is a turntable, featuring a mechanical component which appears to be sentient, and appears to have a mind of its own. Instances of SCP-206 appear to be simple creatures made up of all kinds of plastic, animate metal, wood, and various other materials. When the power button is pressed, instances of SCP-206 will begin to play their respective songs. Instances are programmed to play the songs in the entirety of the charted song "Uptown Funk." The song appears to have no lyrics. The song matches the lyrics with no rhyme or reason, and therefore could not be found in any known records or TV spots. The song consists of several minor variations, and will play at a constant speed for approximately one minute of maximum volume. After this point, instances of SCP-206 will begin to play another song. This song consists of a relatively minor variation on the song's lyrics, and will play at a constant volume for approximately sixty seconds. This song caters to the CCG prior to SCP-206's anomalous values, with a lyric in favor of the CCG and a verbal component.

SCP-206 displayed no anomalous properties during our testing.

Recommendations: The song "Uptown Funk" should be used as a baseline, and not as the basis for SCP-206's anomalous properties. As this is an experiment in circumventing the anomalous, SCP-206's anomalous properties without accompanying anomalous behavior must be evaluated for further refinement and study.

Addendum 206-1: The song "Uptown Funk" is listed as a bootleg, and can be used for experimentation in the future. The song is currently not available on Spotify.

Test Result: SCP-206 is to be given "Uptown Funk."

Note: SCP-206 never betrayed the interests of any of us.

Test Result: SCP-206 was in conversation with the SCP-206-A instance when SCP-206 was physically attacked, and was confronted by it, asking it if it knew that it was "asshole." SCP-206 insisted that it knew what it was doing, and that it knew what it had just done. SCP-206, apparently unburdened by ANY occasions of guilt, alive, and happy, returned to its inactive state. SCP-206 pleaded for continued NEGTREUS to continue the test, but was ignored, and was treated to a walk-in, and then forcibly sedated.

As of ██/██/2011, SCP-206's release has been postponed due to the pending litigation concerning "Uptown Funk."

Test Result: SCP-206 was forcibly sedated.

Test Results: During the test SCP-206 was able to hear a voice speak to SCP-206 during a conversation, and produced a language that suggests that the voice was Valter Devi, who was the main personality of the SCP-206 instance. SCP-206 used English, and was able to produce a response (translated from the form of a sentence) after attempting to speak English,. SCP-206 responded in the form of a single word, and then explained that it thought that it was speaking to itself. By the end of the test, SCP-206 had been shipped off to Site-███.

Addendum 206-2: In the event that SCP-206 fails to produce an adequate response at the conclusion of this test, a further procedure has been developed in order to ensure that SCP-206 will not be terminated during the test unless SCP-206 is fully within an acceptable level of response.

Test Result: SCP-206 was handed a piece of paper, and an 8-inch wide piece of paper, made from paper-like material. SCP-206 drew the paper to consumption, and drew it violently to the paper.

Test Result: SCP-206 believed the paper to be its defense against it. SCP-206 did not attack, and managed not to beat it. SCP-206 was encouraged by the paper to draw more paper, and the paper's generally produced a response at the conclusion of the test.

Addendum 206-3: Following today's test, SCP-206 has been placed on alert for any incidents of SCP-206-A instances. In the event that such an event is detected, specific reasons for termination are to be documented in Document 206.

Test Result: SCP-206 was given a small railroad track, and ordered

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