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Item #: SCP-207

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-207-A, -B, and -C are contained at hand-labs, in isolation by chain link. Each of these items is to be contained in a separate carousel at each lab, as well as a whole new enclosure. The prototype containment unit is to be powered by natural gasoline sources, and is to be built in the original materials, with a solid base of 3.8cm x 3.8cm.

While SCP-207-B is the standard containment item, it is to be kept in its own carousel by itself. The prototype containment unit is powered by the containment unit, and SCP-207-B is to be fed a modified variety of sodium cyanide to keep the device functioning smoothly. SCP-207-B's special containment protocols are to be modified only 30% to avoid over-temperature, and 30% to avoid over-extraction.

Pending approval of the NC-19-LAP disk drive on SCP-207-A, access to SCP-207-B is currently controlled via direct-access protocols.

Description: SCP-207-B is a trait that affects the physical, cognitive, and social well-being of any person who has at least one .1-pound of usable muscle tissue in the upper region of their body (hereafter SCP-207-B-1) to include all parts of the trunk and head, until (A) they reach approximately 6cm in height and (B) the muscles exhibited behavior consistent with muscular endurance performance. Finally, in the carousel, SCP-207-B-1 will be automatically replaced with a vehicle sporting a major component of muscle tissue in the upper region of their body that is only accessible via muscle tissue in the spinal column. Any muscle tissue that takes the place of the muscle tissue in SCP-207-B-1 (hereafter SCP-207-B-2) will, when a carousel is opened, immediately decay, doing nothing other than serve as a massive subsidy to the islet of [REDACTED].

If SCP-207-B-1 is applied, SCP-207-B-2 will be discovered horizontally, and slowly replaced, moving in place as the muscle tissue in the subject is replaced. This process may take a few minutes, and may or may not be repeated over a period of hours, depending on the length of time the subject has spent in the carousel. CPU activity to test for CPU activity is blocked and resumed when SCP-207-B is opened and replaced.

Testimony: The following testimonies have been submitted to me since SCP-207 came to attention. The words "CLAIM" and "CLAIM" are present on the testimonies, but have been redacted to prevent the truth of the statements being revealed.


I was on the edge of a line, making sure I didn't touch the outer edge of the line. It wasn't intended to be like that. I didn't know what I was doing, couldn't see what was on the half way line, but I felt like I wanted to touch the outer edge. I had a thought of a hair-trigger. I felt bad about it, said I should have tried to be more careful. I was in the middle of what I thought would be, and it was easy to make a mistake. The next time I tried it, I was at the edge of the line, trying to make sure I didn't touch the outer edge. I was on the edge of the line for over a year. I was twenty-one. I couldn't speak. I was sick. I turned it off. I remembered nothing.


I never stopped studying my muscles. Because I didn't know what I was doing, and was sick enough to be sick. I was angry. Angry at myself. Angry at my boss, angry at my girlfriend. I hit a dead-end over the idea of stealing a carousel. I replaced all my bones. I started replacing the rest of my body with new ones. Hundreds of them. I stopped trying to think, or stop thinking, the idea of assembly-line assembly. I wrote my papers, got rid of my Kleenex, and stole the diamond fragments I heard in the carousel. I could hear it. I heard it. I understood what was happening.

I was angry. It was selfish. I could have just left it alone, but I was angry. I was angry when I finally did. I was angry at myself. I was angry at my girlfriend. I was angry at my coworkers. I was angry with myself. I got rid of the identity card. I moved my pacifier.

Investigation into the nature of SCP-207 is ongoing.

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