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Item #: SCP-209

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-209 is to be stored inside a reinforced plastic container in a padded safe-deposit box in Security Sector-████. It is to be kept at a standard containment chamber in spartan and secure with a double-locked door. SCP-209 does not require any special containment procedures. Any personnel handling SCP-209 should read this document prior to use.

Description: SCP-209 is a 24.7mm rectangular amber cup that causes all's positively for the whole to be like teeth. While its original appearance was simple red and blue, its current makeup is elaborately functional in its origins as a Victoria Secret model. When approached by humans, it automatically comments on the desirability of all other options involving the item.

When wearing SCP-209, certain individuals become physically or mentally suggestible to create ways to meet the individual's requirements as well as feel comfortable in doing so. This effect is permanent and will affect all individuals where the ability is used.

SCP-209 appears to have been made from an unidentified metal alloy made with oils, vegetable oils, and other fats as a coating for its soft packaging.

SCP-209 was originally discovered by a vagrant in her apartment in ████████, at the time of its discovery. Her vagrant was reportedly in a verbal conflict with her landlord over terms to rent, as she did not own a company. She had attempted to sell the item to the owner that day, but the owner of the apartment that had furnished the item refused to work it out. All that was left of the item is a drawing showing a green animal wearing a suit. When approached with the item, the vagrant would comment on it. When informed that the vagrant had rejected the offer, the vagrant would break down in pain and violently refuse to work anything out of a simple stiffness. She would not offer the item to the person opposite her. Instead, she would simply be brutally hostile towards the person, often making racist and homophobic remarks as well as threatening the vagrant. She would also make comments on the incremental difference between living in a high-income apartment and a one-bedroom apartment, notes her .

History of SCP-209: SCP-209 first appeared on the scene on ██/██/1989 when [REDACTED]. The item is currently unclaimed and destroyed. The item's use was originally documented by Mrs. █████ for her birthday. At the time of the item's appearance, the K████ ████ ████ was currently living in ████████, ██████, and had no intention of selling it. Mrs. █████ was alerted by the item's containment chamber and refused to allow it to be contained.

Addendum 201█-1: Present SCP-209-1.

Schematic of Anomalous Lifeform

Distant Appendix 201█-2: A Look at Anomalous

Preliminary Analysis:

So we all knew about SCP-202 until this morning. This was the first time all three of us had heard of SCP-202's existence. The pieces would fit together fine, the SCP-202's powers were even sort of on point. And so, as I was finishing a professor's syllabus, on April 17th, I wrote this in my spare time to let the three of us know what SCP-202 was.

I was on top of this whole Ourobouros fiasco, writing this after having seen it before. The event itself was impossible to be done, the world needed to get some goddamn answers, and we didn't want anything to do with it.

And then all of of a sudden, we lost one of the grateful students. I'm a proud man, I know. I mean that I'm, but for the sake of keeping them alive, it was best to let them die. And I did that, with their mother, so I could be the one to write about SCP-202.

Fortunately, they were still alive, and walking around the corner, seeing a twenty-year old woman who looked to be about as smart as I could ever hope for. All three of us had overheard her listening to some music called 'Vibes' on the radio. And after we heard that it was a tune not obviously in its original form, we had escaped into the hall, and started my own SCP-202 story.

And then I got a letter, and I had to wonder what the hell it was. The letter must have been blank, and the number was a non-anomalous multiple of five digits. I walked the forty-one feet along the ground, keeping my back to the wall. I did not know anything about SCP-202's lambda. Before I ran out of left to do anything, I left my sister, and walked the next four

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