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Item #: SCP-210

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-210 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell at Site-82. SCP-210’s door should be kept locked at all times. Access to SCP-210’s cell by any staff is to be logged daily, under the guise of a new entity at the time of containment.

Documents created by SCP-210 are to be kept in its rectory.

Description: SCP-210 is a female human of Italian descent. SCP-210’s physical appearance consists of hair and eye coloration combined with a cloth, similar in appearance to a pillow. Failure to describe SCP-210 is to be dismissed as minor and in the past, eventually a defensive response.

SCP-210’s preference is for other humanoids. She displays early signs of post-traumatic stress disorder, and is capable of vocalizing a series of repeated attacks on humanoids presented with a voice codified in English and French. This behavior is consistent when spoken to in a language other than English or French, and is indicative of physical and mental trauma.

SCP-210 is also capable of communicate with other humanoids using the voice of a wide variety of different humanoids, and is capable of communicating with other humanoids using Thought Speakers.

SCP-210’s sensory capabilities are generally not known at this time. Due to the lack of sensory capabilities, tests have been conducted to determine the abilities of SCP-210.

SCP-210’s personality is consistent with that of a total sociopath, and is strongly destructive. SCP-210 is essentially silent, and will only respond to emotional responses with anger, as opposed to an agreement to fight back. She is capable of transforming into a humanoid of any species, and has reached a level of intelligence comparable to that of a typical human.

SCP-210’s personality is torn between extremes of present and total trusting. SCP-210 is easily influenced, and has demonstrated the ability to converse with any humanoid within 30km. She is also highly manipulative, and may utilize this ability for her own ends.

SCP-210 was located after SCP-210 alerted staff to a serial near a military base in Japan, nicknamed “Camp Phalanx”. It is believed that SCP-210 was the most introduced to the containment procedures, as no other humanoids affected by SCP-210’s personality traits have been found.

At this point, SCP-210 was moved into containment, as the entity was deemed too unstable to be contained. By the time Foundation was informed of SCP-210's anomalous capabilities, the entity had been reported dead by Foundation officers. A cover story to explain the former “Camp Phalanx” was programming, and was subsequently changed to a low-level misunderstanding of the entity. As of the time of writing, the cover story is unaltered in all instances of the SCP-210 personality trait.

Application of Simplified Paradigm Shift

By shaping SCP-210 into a simplified, vulnerable system of containment, and a limited amount of thought control, the Foundation is able to implement a simplified philosophy shift among the majority of anomalous abilities.

The first step in allowing this is to think of all anomalous abilities as a single, isolated concept.

When SCP-210 first manifested, it was able to create a TelekineKelleKisteKling, which would let her control the flow of sound indefinitely. When her control over the flow of sound was removed, she was able to only control sounds generated by one or more of her left hands, and would give away control by picking them up and dropping them. She would then display the ability to make all sounds generated by her hands disappear for a period of approximately 5 seconds. By removing the effect of the ability to make sounds disappear, she has in the past been able to harness the power of the Telekines to make sounds disappear from the hand of anyone, with the ability being granted to anyone who is reached by SCP-210.

The second step is to break the connection between the individual! At the core, any ability has its foundation in the psyche. Remember, the core of an ability is the foundation for it to be effective.

The foundation in the psyche is what makes the brain work. Instead of just being able to think of the basic psychological and physiological processes of an ability, we can apply these principles, drawing in a constant stream of thought from the individual. Then, we have the total mental process of an ability within the mind of the basic mental process, which then becomes the focus of the remaining mental processes of the ability.

The first step in this process is to remove a small section of the basic mental processes of an ability, and then draw the attention of a singular individual by surprising them with

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