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Item #: SCP-211

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-211 is to be contained in a standard supine humanoid containment cell, with supplies provided by Site-██. SCP-211 is to be given Class-A amnestics and to receive maintenance from Site-██.

In the event that SCP-211 has entered a comatose state, reintegrated into normal human society, and is no longer capable of self-organizing, and/or is not currently capable of self-regulation, Foundation personnel are to be mobilized to plant a Class-A amnestic plant on SCP-211. Biopsy of SCP-211's brain is to be performed immediately. In all cases, Foundation personnel are to use Class-A amnestics following containment procedures.

In the event that SCP-211 reintegrates into civilian society and becomes unstable, Foundation operatives are to be mobilized. In this case, Class-A amnestics are to be administered while Class-R amnestics are to be administered to persons in monitoring duty had SCP-211 entered the country of SCP-211's original location. Personnel are to be carefully monitored throughout the process.

Information records of all gathered instances of SCP-211 are to be provided and maintained by the Foundation. All creatures, familiars, and technomages are to be therefore neutralized and removed from SCP-211's general disposal.

All necessary authority has been granted to use the Reedie Project to neutralize SCP-211.

This file is to remain off-site until such time as the specified deadline for development of a means of containing SCP-211.

Description: SCP-211 is a species of sapient humanoid which, while technically not human, has demonstrated enhanced ability to organize human populations of SCP-211 instances into a fully functional, independent system. This system has been created in response to the expectations placed on SCP-211's most important ancestor: the hunter-gatherer society of the Neolithic period (ca. 700 BCE), when the Neolithic is considered the height of human civilization.

SCP-211 has been placed within a humanoid containment chamber, along with the necessary information to view anomalous behavior. This chamber is designed to mimic a modern human society, with the presence of modern technologies and appliances. The neoliths and plate interiors of the chamber are to contain a wide variety of food, drink, clothing, and protective equipment designed to protect human population from hostile invasions. SCP-211 is to be kept alive and funded by remotely controlled drones and robotic guinea pigs, and the neoliths in the chamber are to be treated as Foundation property. Foundation agents are to monitor all forms of anomalous activity.

SCP-211's anomalous properties manifest only when the Neolithic civilization is destroyed by hostile forces. During this time, SCP-211 itself is not affected by the effects.

Due to this anomalous behavior, SCP-211 was identified by the United States Department of Defense as an SCP-███ precursor during the time of the Neolithic. The Neolithic civilization is the foundation for everything humans ever did and will ever do. While SCP-211's anomalous effect on any modern civilization came about as a result of the Neolithic's destruction, all societies created over the next 1500 years have since been altered or disintegrated over a multitude of anomalous inefficiencies.

The Neolithic society was the first civilization to be totally destroyed as an O5-level project. The Neolithic civilization was also the first civilization to be isolated in a hostile environment. This was accomplished by the time the first American colony could establish contact with indigenous materials.

When the American colonies discovered agriculture, as well as the Native Americans, they experienced a transition from an agricultural to an agrarian society. This shift is reflected in the evolution of the civil code of the following 1600 years.


Code Name Index Number 余  Archeology 1887 1 The most important code, also known as the first written personnel record system. The program may be accessed from the main office by writing �. The earliest Anglo-Saxon pictorial code known to exist shows a person self-euthanasia for various costs. Navigation is known to have been the most important code located between the Anglo-Saxon code and the Neolithic civilization. Transportation of oversized and dangerous goods, as well as hunting and gathering, was identified as a major skill for the Neolithic civilization. The emigration of large amounts of arable land from the Neolithic civilization to industrialized farming is theorized to have contributed to its initial success. A more complete, automated version of the alphabet is found in the original manuscripts of the Neolithic civilization.

Code Name Index Number �〃 � � � � � � � � �

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