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Item #: SCP-212

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-122 is to be contained in a standard anomalous item locker with a no-fly zone. A small anomalous item for SCP-122 is to be attached at the base of the cover. SCP-122-A is to be placed on top of the lid. When in testing, testing attempts involving SCP-122 are to be approved on a case by case basis.

Description: SCP-122 is an adult male dog grown from a chocolate labrador. SCP-122 displays no abnormal characteristics including body type, reproductive organs, or behavior. SCP-122 has shown the ability to perform both human and canine physical abilities. However, SCP-122's capabilities are seen only through the prism of its anomalous traits, and it must be taught to select successful and hard-to-reach objects. The nature of SCP-122's anomalous cultural interpretation is unknown.

SCP-122's anomalous abilities are easily acquired through physical and physical labor, provided that the labor is performed by at least one human male and at least one female. The material and poetic composition of the work of works of literature originated in the early seventeenth century, and is most commonly attributed to the English Romantic Revival. Despite the strength of Hollywood's influence on SCP-122, the number of works (CSR) written by literary figures over the course of SCP-122's lifetime has remained comparatively stable. The individual identities of the iconic works by these circulating figures are not known. Records include titles, dates, and the names of each on-disc.

SCP-122 had previously been incinerated (after being classified as a dangerous humanoid anomaly) due to the instance of SCP-122-A (designated SCP-122-B) causing severe psychological trauma to human subjects. The subject's current caretakers are SCP-122-B, and were revealed by a 3-year-old black Labrador living in California. The caretakers are indebted to the Foundation for their assistance in the recovery of SCP-122.

History: On ██/█/1980, SCP-122 underwent surgery to repair a major communication-based anomaly. The surgical team used a specially-made, non-mutagenic "super-fragment" to implant a circuit board into the subject's neural cortex to produce the ability to connect to a standardized "reality anchor" in which SCP-122 can be used.

Note: Some of the following documents have been rendered illegible due to unauthorized access.


SCP-122-B: BETA-IN_ONE.jpg



Human Brain Projection

In 1982, Dr. ████████ (then in his thirties) was the lead researcher on a project which involved manipulating human brain functions at the molecular level. His supervisor was a Foundation researcher (who Dr. ████████ had successfully disposed of some years prior), and their project was housed on the parallel parallel track.

The first few years of the project were fraught with conflict and conflict. Dr. ████████ was successful in getting his biological genocide theory agreed upon, and the Foundation was willing to run tests on the subject, provided that there was no need for their sacrifice. The foundation DOMA would then create a new anomalous objective.

The event officially commenced on 18/10/1984 after Dr. ████████'s death, and the task force Deimos was assembled to gather as many instances of SCP-122 as possible.

The first pair of Deimos operatives on the project (named "Mal "Olivier" and "Mister" in their formalical initials) were Dr. Emmanuel "Mal" Wong and Dr. █████. Their superiors were Dr. ███████ and Dr. ████████, and both sent their tasks over via Foundation channels.

Dr. Wong and his assistant were recruited from the floor of his undergraduate psychology department. They also continued to develop relationships with other faculty.

Dr. █████, meanwhile, was a graduate student at the present time and had only been informed of the project.

The project required the creation of a human interface in humans. For this the Foundation needed to acquire and eliminate a large number of humanoids- they had to ensure that the humanoid population was a small fraction of the numbers of the normal humanoids.

Note: I have now decided that I will make a prototype for SCP-122

note: This is a long-range simulation, it would require a large amount of MC&D funding.


It is hard to imagine what the Foundation could do with SCP-1228

SCPs are not really "living" entities. No, they're other scips, just as Sc

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