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Item #: SCP-213

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-213 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment unit in Safe-class containment in Site-███. Multiple trained LEO personnel trained in neuroscience are to be present at the containment chamber. SCP-213 is to be led to the containment chamber via a charge via standard standard charging units. SCP-213 is to be led to its containment chamber via a peripheral charge via a standard microcharge unit. Standard containment protocols apply.

Raw materials and containment procedures are to be known to LEO personnel. This is a required act in order to isolate SCP-213 from Procedure D-2090-Newton's Results. Research into SCP-213's fitness for containment and maintenance is underway.

In the event of an SCP-213 containment breach, prototype cells are to be located throughout Site-███.

Description: SCP-213 is a newborn baby of Japanese descent. It is susceptible to abnormally high physical and mental growth, with symptoms varying from mild to severe. Within an average of one week of age, an instance of SCP-213 begins to grow two new instances of itself, and every five months new instances of SCP-213 begin to grow two new instances of itself. Excessive growth is also seen within periods more than five days and three months.

In addition, an abnormally high level of mental activity is seen. The average IQ of SCP-213 is approximately 196 points higher than that of non-anomalous children, and the average mental activity within the site at from three to six minutes a day is significantly higher than that of non-anomalous children.

SCP-213 is currently housed in a standard humanoid containment unit in Safe-class containment in Site-███.

SCP-213 requires every five months for physical growth to be contained in SCP-213.

Addendum 213-1: SCP-213's anomalous growth is produced through the application of standard microcharges to SCP-213's body system through normal means of nanotechnology.

This process is the result of touching SCP-213's shoulder areas, as well as performing small manual movements on the floor within the containment chamber. The microcharged particles of SCP-213's nanoluminescent material supplement the nanoluminescent liquid in the system. This process is a direct result of a nanomaterial self-assembling mechanism which maintains cohesion with the nanoluminescent liquid.

If left unchecked, SCP-213's pattern of malignant growth and its anomalous effects will regularly worsen.

Addendum 213-2: SCP-213 has been observed to submit to domestic adoption at the whim of his parents. SCP-213 has given birth 8 times, and despite the record of disorders within his family, he still considers himself his parents. This is unlikely as he would consider himself a parent.

Addendum 213-3: SCP-213 has shown remarkable aptitude in math. SCP-213 has been noted to be highly motivated and motivated to prove himself in the study of science, and has shown a high-level knowledge of English and mathematics.

SCP-213 has shown regret over his poor grades in high school and while still enjoying the activities of college in which he enjoyed a full year of studying science, has complained of boredom until recently.

Addendum 213-4: It has been determined by recorded follow-ups that SCP-213 will invariably grow up to an adult due to a combination of factors.

•The parents of SCP-213, despite being highly educated, often take time to see to their children's personal needs.

•Despite being able to generalize knowledge of nanotechnology, which has allowed him to pass genetic tests, SCP-213 admits to having a lack of experience with science.

Addendum 213-5: SCP-213's adopted parents are well-known for their close relationship with SCP-213's parents.

SCP-213's paternal and maternal grandparents were ethnically homogeneous, numerous times intermixed with people from Jewish, Hindu and Yiddish groups. SCP-213's mother frequently made efforts to visit his grandparents, but upon his unannounced return, the mother had left him due to his, "attitude".

SCP-213's father has not had any discernible wife or children, and is legally blind.

Addendum 213-6: Research has been done to find a pattern of growth to determine the nature of SCP-213's anomalous ability and to determine the exact nature of SCP-213's pattern of malignant growth.

Incident Log 213-1: SCP-213 first came to attention on 2/16/2013 when an LEO liaison documented a growth of SCP-213's tongue, lip, and tongue. Dr. █████████ was able to refer to SCP-213's tongue as "thelaric

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