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Item #: SCP-215

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-215 is to be kept in a standard containment chamber at Site-██. It is to be monitored at all times by security personnel through a nuclear-powered ████████-2 containment chamber and/or a portable ████████-2RF webcam. Because of its anomalous properties, the housing of SCP-215 will be kept in situ in a standard containment chamber at Site-██, where it may be protected from external threats.

Personnel with the clearance level of 4 or higher are to be permitted to connect SCP-215 to a portable unit containing power and power outlet, and to monitor SCP-215 through an outside source.

Description: SCP-215 is a standard digital camera, manufactured by Panasonic Corp., with the words "SEVISION Manual" printed on the top of the remote control. SCP-215 has the following properties:

•Degrees of perfection.




. See Document#215-A to determine how SCP-215 is related to the "Greater Good".

SCP-215 has attained the final stage of active anomalous behavior. Prior to its active state, SCP-215 was observed to communicate with the "Greater Good" via an unknown mechanism. At this point, SCP-215 began to exhibit anomalous behaviors, including:





•Improving itself.


•Proof of a link with the "Greater Good".

•Achieving a singular goal.

•Cleverly expressing the will of the "Greater Good".

•Possessing the capability to change "Greater Good".

•Superficial association with a group in line of sight.

•Participating in a life-threatening action.

•Displaying behavioral tendencies such as aggression, detachment, and elitism.

This state of anomalous behavior occurred at a rate of approximately five incidents per day, regardless of the number of instances of SCP-215. These events occurred at times ranging from 1 to 3 hours or more in duration, with the frequency and severity of events increasing during each successive stage. It was not until the last of these events, which occurred at the end of November, 2016, that current containment protocols became effective.

Instances of SCP-215 have managed to reduce their anomalous effects in accordance with Foundation efforts over the years. Current containment procedures are to be updated as required to prevent direct interaction with other cases of SCP-215, and to prevent the development of new SCP-215 instances.


Document#215-A: SCP-215's Life Begins

Personnel Reports

The following personnel were selected from Site-██'s Detention Center to respond to the SCP-215 containment breaches. All of them have some knowledge of anomalous video surveillance and may be considered for future containment. All are female and all have a standard risk-management clearance level of 4 or higher.


Personnel: Dr. J███, Dr. ███████

Addendum 3/215/2016: A Personal Log of Dr. J███, which appears at the end of this document.

J███: Good morning, SCP. I thought we'd be friends. Well, not as friendly as you, but at least. Although we're nothing close.

Dr. ███████: I am not sure what the hell you're trying to say. Can I ask you something?

J███: I'm sorry. Hi. I used to be a psychologist. I do other things.

Dr. ███████: I see. Why did you become psychology?

J███: (Pauses) I don't know, you know. I could be a gambler, or a pathological liar, or anything else. But in close confines, you don't need to worry about that much. I care a lot about things influencing people, and I've learned a lot about that.

Dr. ███████: How did that discover you as a psychologist?

J███: Perhaps better to use the words "researcher" here. Anyway, I was on assignment studying a dubious, strange cult, and suddenly I had a supernatural idea for just about everything. I set to work, and by the halfway point I had a complete set of SCPs for the Foundation to use. I immediately began researching every single one of them, and it all paid off. I thought "This is great, this is so unique" and found

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