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Item #: SCP-219

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-219 is to be kept in a standard containment chamber at Site 19. SCP-219 must be fed three times a day to sustain its dynamic equilibrium. Three personnel working simultaneously are to maintain SCP-219's equilibrium. Personnel wishing to leave SCP-219’s containment are to give their orders in real time to immediately report a quarantined instance of SCP-219-1.

Description: SCP-219 is a bipedal humanoid, 10.5 metres tall, with a skull, overalls, and thick layer of feathers underneath its hair. However, it does not display any obvious facial features. SCP-219 is primarily sedentary and is capable of vocalization, although it does respond to commands with a raspy voice, although capable of answering questions largely in its native language. This is in contrast with many dogs in its subdivision of livestock, which are able to respond in xylophone-like chords.

SCP-219 is said to both have and have not eaten anything in its lifetime. Though it does not eat any high-value food, it is able to obtain a variety of other food variables in order to provide it with sustenance. While it is not known if SCP-219's stomach is connected to its brain, it is known it is capable of producing a large amount of life-giving nutrients as if it was.

Digestive system SCP-219 is adapted from casein, the same protein found in dairy cows and other animal organisms. SCP-219's stomach is unlike other such organs, and is instead made up of an opaque and transparent bile-like substance; it is highly resistant to all food and any substance that does not enter its stomach volumes. It is formerly believed to contain a large set of dentures along its length of the bile. It has previously displayed an ability to build a large, well-protected hive-type structure within its mouth, making it easy for it to use any regular food source before scouting a new location.

SCP-219 appears to be child, though it displays characteristics of a large human, with most of its disabilities granted in the third stage of development. SCP-219 does not seem to have any childhood memories, but it is capable of speech in English.

SCP-219 was discovered on the outskirts of █████. It is unconfirmed whether it was a stray or an adult dog, potentially belonging to the same breed. Research into its presumed family is ongoing.


SCP-219 was discovered on ██/██/2013, when a large schooner came within two miles of the local marine park, where it had been stationed for the better part of a decade. After a short while, it made a body contact with one of its crew (in the form of a man with a beard), and introduced himself as “David’.” David is a registered member of the ██████████ ████ Humane Society, and was involved in a number of animal commissions. He is currently undergoing therapy for his conditions of confinement, and amnestics are being administered.

Incident Summary: After SCP-219 was taken to containment, the remainder of the crew contacted SCP-219 about the latter's declining health. SCP-219 made a request to have David and his crew keep a safe distance from SCP-219, for the purpose of not tending to SCP-219's welfare. The request was denied. David has not returned from his current assignment since.

Incident Report: SCP-219 was discovered in the backyard of ██-███ outside of ██████, California. One of the crew noticed that the private ground-level grounds surrounding the backyard had been sealed. The crew alerted Foundation personnel located in the vicinity. Foundation personnel secured the containment gate, and transported SCP-219 to Site 19.

Incident Log: On ██/██/2013, SCP-219 did not respond to any of the crew's requests. Rather than an answer, it resurfaced by walking through the gate, and then stayed on the ground. David, David's son, went under a pile of sticks and immediately began to walk in circles. At five minutes, David stopped. He asked if he could get out. At six minutes, David stopped. He asked if he could come back. At ten minutes, David stopped. He asked if he could come back. At eleven minutes, he asked if he could come back. At twenty thirty minutes, he asked if he was allowed to just wait and be left alone. At thirty five minutes, he asked if he could come back. At thirty seconds David stopped. At forty seconds, David started. At seventy seconds, David stopped. David removed the weeds behind his house, and planted the simplest vegetable garden he could find. David addressed the crew and asked if he was still here. At eighty seconds

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